January Transfer Funds Available To Hughton – Nothing

Chris Hughton doesn’t know how much money will be available in the transfer market in Jnauary, but he really doesn’t need to.

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Chris Hughton – cheer up Chris – we’re top of the league!

We have a suspicion the amount available for transfers is actually zero, or very close to it.

But that may not be all bad news, because an an attempt will be made to bring in 4-5 good players on loan, with options struck to make them permanent signings in the summer.

And with the club currently being in the second division with a cash flow problem,  that sounds like a good plan to get several good players in at minimal cost to boost the squad.

That’s until we are in the Premier League again (hopefully) in the summer, and we can then bring 4-5 players in permanently via transfers, and maybe a couple more on season long loan deals.

Chris was queried today about the transfer money available:

“If you are asking if I have been told figures, then no,” “What I have been told is it’s my responsibility to determine what I need to bring in. If I need to strengthen, they (the board) would support me in that.”

“In my endeavors to get where we want to be in January, the board will support me in terms of tackling what needs to be tackled.”

“I need to determine what areas I need to bring players into. If we have injuries we are stretched so I will target the areas and players needed.”

“And I have been told I will be supported. There might be a loan signing, a fee signing, but that is to be worked on.”

We are very hopeful that the club will be able to do some good business in January, and maybe get 4-5 good players in, who we can gauge for the rest of the season, and then decide if we should make their moves permanent.

It’s also an advantage to Newcastle, as we’ve mentioned before,  to set the transfer price when the loan deal is struck, because we’ll have some leverage to make it low, because we’re a Championship club right now.

So what we seem to be doing in January – if this is indeed it – makes a lot of financial and football sense, and has advantages for the club in the long term.

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  • BT9MAG

    Nov 7, 2009 at 11:39 AM

    Comment #1

    Chris is starting to sound like a Politician avoiding a difficult question!

    It’s fairly clear what’ll happen in January…

    Chris: Right guys, I’ve identified a few areas that need to be tackled.

    FCB: There isn’t any!

    Lamearse: He’s mostly spot on, and I should know, I ran a casino!

    Chris: Errr, we need defensive cover, an out and out winger, an attacking midfielder and possibly another striker!

    FCB: No we don’t!

    Lamearse: He’s mostly spot on, and I should know, I ran a casino!

    Chris: But…But you said you’d tackle what needs to be tackled!

    FCB: We will, but there’s nothing to be tackled, so we’ve tackled nothing. I’m an honest bloke, I drink pints with the plebs and peasants!

    Lamearse: He’s mostly spot on, and I should know, I ran a casino!

  • stuart no9

    Nov 7, 2009 at 12:44 PM

    Comment #2

    the fact that there may be no money to spend in january really dosnt come as any suprise to me or any body else, what maybe concerns me a little is all these on loan players we are looking to recruit ia all well and good,but come FA cup time,are we going to put out a team minus our on loan players, that have a realistic chance of progressing in the competion, 1 or 2 on loan ok, but not as many as being mentioned (just a thought)

  • NewcastleMole

    Nov 7, 2009 at 1:48 PM

    Comment #3


    you know i have a strange feeling that you have del boy nailed on lol.

    He has no credibility, he ran a Casino but all that proves is how he is well versed in welcoming people into his business taking all their money and sending them home.


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