Smith Concerned About Poor Form – Forget About It

Alan Smith is interviewed in the Newcastle Journal today, and what comes across is that he and the rest of the players are worried about their poor form of late.

Alan Smith – epitomizes new spirit in the side
Our advice to Alan – forget it and just go all our on Friday night against Cardiff City – and look no further ahead than the next game.

In the big picture of things the lads have done great, but now we are at the top of the league – we have to become ruthless and get back to our winning ways – draws are just not good enough – home or away – or at least that’s the right way to think about it.

And yes – every team in the division – when they play Newcastle will be like a cup final for them – but that’s what top teams have put up with for years.

Welcome to success.

It’s no easier for Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and the like in the Premier League, but that’s no excuse not to continue doing well.

The team owes the Newcastle fans some spirit and fight after the disgraces of last season – so out-fighting teams this season should not be a problem.

And it hasn’t been so far.

Smith told the Newcastle Journal today:

“We’ve got 19 games left, if we can win 10 or 12 of them we won’t be far short of making sure we get one of the automatic promotion places, which was the only objective we had at the start of the season.”

“But I wouldn’t say we’re in touching distance yet. No, it’s a long way off, 19 games to go, and it’s going to be 19 cup finals because every teams wants to do well against Newcastle, whether it’s in front of their own fans or when they come to St James’.”

“Every game we’ve had this season has been difficult and every one we’re going to have will be difficult as well – because that is the way it is in this division.”

It’s too early to start thinking that way, and the only thing the lads should be concentrating on is the next game and how we can win that one.

It’s true we are on a disappointing run, but it’s nothing that cannot be corrected with an all-out performance on Friday night against Cardiff City.

They should think this is a Cup Final on Friday night – and we’ll be OK.

It was a poor performance last Saturday night, no doubt about it, and the side was rightly slammed for it after the game.

But that’s not to say the Newcastle crowd are not still 110% behind the players and the team, and that will be shown again on Friday night with another massive crowd.

As long as the lads give their all – and show that – then Newcastle supporters will hardly be disappointed.

Smith added:

“Once you’re playing against 10 men you get a bit more anxious and think you should be attacking more.”  “The best teams seem to know how to play against 10 men.”

“But the expectation’s on us now to go and win games. That’s not happened here for quite a while and it’s a new experience for us – but we’d rather be in the position we are than anywhere else.”

Smith is the epitome of the fight and spirit in the side this season, so we suggest that Smith and the other players forget that we’ve gone through a bad patch – and go all out and give their all on Friday night.

And if we can do that we have a good chance of getting 3 valuable points – and remember – fortune favors the brave – so if we attack then Lady Luck may even be on our side.

Howay The Lads!!

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3 comments so far

  • lesh

    Feb 3, 2010 at 11:09 AM

    Comment #1

    No need to worry Smiffy – understandable but it’s imoportant that we don’t get the jitters now.

    If CH can instil a lot of belief and confidence into the lads, field a tight defence along with a midfield that can support Defence and going forward, we may be able to sneak a cheeky 4-0 win – especially if Leon Best’s champing at the bit!!

    Just had a conversation with a Coiventry supporter at work and he hadn’t heard that we’d picked up Best.

    He was disappointed that Best jad moved and said that we’ve got a very good player who’s been a real snip at £600k or whatever.

    Let’s hope he’s ready to start playing for that No 9 shirt ob Friday…. a hat-trick’d be a good start eh?

  • MacToon

    Feb 3, 2010 at 11:32 AM

    Comment #2

    Not just concerned about the poor form but the poor way Newcastle have played most of the season.

    and yes they should remember last season and the way we limped out of the prem. As we found out last season, talk is cheap.

    What gets me is the way we can play for 20 minutes or so each game, we play WELL for those minutes and then for some reason can’t string two passes together and hoof the ball upfield.

    Leicester City never gave up even for the last hour with a player missing they still outplayed us for the vast majority of the game.

    I can’t understand those that are happy with the way this club is run and the way the team is playing this season.

  • jackdnufc

    Feb 3, 2010 at 1:45 PM

    Comment #3

    I think people are happy because we’re top of the league, and still have the opportunity on Friday night to put more points between ourselves and the rest of the contenders. Yes, its not exciting football, extremely scrappy, and form has been far below par of late for this squad but its hard to be depressed when your on top with a few points gap!



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