Newcastle’s Fantastic Fans Deserve A Performance Tomorrow Afternoon

There will be 2500 Geordie lads and lasses who will make the 704-mile round trip to Swansea, to see Newcastle play – and they will all be hoping for a win – to get our promotion bid right back on track, after Tuesday night’s hiccup.

Newcastle United Fans

And while it’s hard to say whether anything is deserved – it would be great if these compatriots were rewarded with a win – so they could be more than just a little happy on their way back to Newcastle.

Hey – a win would even have some of them talking about the European Champions League again – well after a few pints that is.

And Chris Hughton has today admitted the team really does owe those 2,500 Newcastle fans a good performance.

Well he’s right about that one.

My Dad – way back in the late 40s and first part of the 50s – supported Newcastle in all their away games, so I do appreciate the sacrifices these terrific fans make to support their famous club.

They certainly have our respect and appreciation – that’s for sure.

Apparently the fans are each paying up to £200 or more to support their team during the gloomy economic situation in the world today.

Pity the players couldn’t give them some contribution from their ridiculously inflated wages – oh well maybe not.

Hughton told the Evening Chronicle today:

“It’s very much part and parcel for our supporters to be where we are.”

“But they must know that we appreciate the sacrifices that they are making to come and support us.” “We want to reward them for their efforts.”

“There are a lot of long journeys, and we very much have them in our thoughts.” “I’m sure they’ll be as vocal as normal.”

“We certainly appreciated the support that went to Derby, and as I said, it’s something we certainly don’t take for granted.”

“Swansea are a team who are going well. I’d imagine their crowd will be very vocal.”

“It’s a big game. Newcastle going anywhere is a big draw for this division and the supporters, and they’ll certainly play their part.”

We really do hope that Newcastle will find the inspiration for a good display from somewhere tomorrow afternoon.

There’s no reason for the Newcastle fans to panic at all – but the lads have the chance to prove to the Newcastle faithful – once again – that they are indeed capable of getting promotion this season.

A win at Swansea would be a fantastic result and show the character of this team this season.

That would be just great.

Comments welcome.

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  • MacToon

    Feb 12, 2010 at 1:17 PM

    Comment #1

    We can’t keep saying “this match is so important” as every match now until we are promoted is important. Every point is vital.

    I’d love to see good performances every match but 3 points/game is the priority.

    Although (on paper) we have the best team in the league I believe there are much better managers in the division, Hughton has to learn, improve and adapt. Nearly every team have “upped” their game against us this season, their cup final but our grit and class has shone through (most of the time) and put us top of the league.

    Tactical ability should now help us through to the end of the season. It will also definately help us if we get to the prem next season, so Hughton…. it’s up to you mate, good luck.

  • Aza9

    Feb 12, 2010 at 2:31 PM

    Comment #2

    I think we will win tomorrow and give a solid performance. After the last game the players will be very determined not to let it happen again. Swansea have some good players but we have the quality to put a few past them. 3-0



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