Colin Calderwood Deserves The Plaudits This Season

A very good and rare interview with the Newcastle assistant manager Colin Calderwood today in the Evening Chronicle.

Colin Calderwood – deserves great credit at Newcastle

Colin has been the assistant to Chris Hughton, and was brought in on a weekly basis to help out Chris Hughton in getting the lads ready for the Championship last July 1st.

Just remember how chaotic things were at the time, and the press was not helpful saying we’d get relegated and all that nonsense from those supposed experts, who rarely seem to get anything right.

It was only in October when Chris Hughton was given the full time Newcastle manager job, did Colin also get rewarded with a contract for two seasons on Tyneside.

But like Chris, he has well earned his contract at the Newcastle club.

And the thing we’ve always liked about Colin, is that when he first arrived to help out Joe Kinnear 13 months ago, he just loved everything about the club and the area,  he just loved it.

And it would appear that love of the club and the Newcastle area has not only rubbed off on the players he coaches, but the new players that have come in are those who want to be at Newcastle.

And that makes a huge difference in attitude with the squad.

Calderwood told the Evening Chronicle today:

“At the start of the season we were probably relegation candidates in a lot of people’s eyes.”

“We shouldn’t forget that, and the fans shouldn’t forget that either.”“The rest of the country thought we might do a Leeds and go down again.”

“Just as soon as you sit back and relax, go back to that moment in pre-season when, more or less, people around the country were laughing and scoffing and hoping we would fail, and we’re still proving them wrong.”

“It’s worked out well so far, and I hope no-one would ever under-estimate it and think, if we did cross the line, that it had been easy.”

Chris and Colin together have worked with Newcastle’s senior players Harper, Nolan, Butt, Smith, Steven Taylor and others, to help them form a solid and close-knit squad – and to their credit it’s worked wonders for our club this season.

Now we see the lads not only playing well together, but fighting like hell when that’s needed – and we just love to see that – and the team spirit is as high as it’s been since the one and only Bobby Robson managed the club (oh the memories).

Calderwood continued:

“We had to consolidate.” “And everyone had to pull together at some point.”

“They did, and what we were left with was a real good group of players, with a solid attitude, and, I mean this, a hardness in them.”

“If we could keep the basics right, we thought their ability would give us a chance.”

“The last time they got promoted it was great for the careers of people like John Beresford, Rob Lee, Andy Cole and Scott Sellars, and something similar could happen to some of these players.”

“They’ve really grasped the opportunity, or the threat of not being successful in this division, really, really well.”

“They’re enjoyable to go training with, but, as always, there’s got to be a leader and one voice at the end of the day, and that’s got to be Chris Hughton,”

Newcastle have 14 games to go and promotion is still not a certainty.

But if the lads do get promoted we’ll give out the plaudits to the many players and coaches at the club who deserve the glory.

Then it’s down to business again in the summer to further improve our squad so we don’t have a relegation season next season in the PL.

Watch out for the doom and doom people to be talking about impending relegation this summer.

Don’t you believe them. 😀

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  • Rotonda heights

    Feb 24, 2010 at 7:00 PM

    Comment #1

    Mixed feelings. Yes he has helped sort out the defense, but he is the high priest of route one long ball football – just ask Forest fans.

  • Shiftay

    Feb 25, 2010 at 11:47 AM

    Comment #2

    i personally dont care if hes grand master of negative football, fact is we are top of the table.

    i actually thing the long ball game suits us, look at our forwards? they are giants! ameobi, carroll and ranger all 6 foot 2 plus…

    even in the midfield we have height with nolan at over 6 foot – and lets face it hes the receiver in most of our attacks at the moment.

    long ball game is a fine tactic to have, nothing wrong with it in the slightest – you get issues when there is no accuracy or when the strikers getting the long ball dont know what to do with it . It is actually the easiest way to counter-attack.

    for me the they should be constantly looking to play it wide to our exceptional wing men – jonas, routledge and even lovenkrands when he plays wide.

    if/when we get that right it will put the wind up any defence in the championship.


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