Hughton And Calderwood Put Newcastle Club First

Colin Calderwood has talked today about the early days of the season and the fact Newcastle need to get an away win soon.

Colin and Chris – a good partnership for Newcastle club

Calderwood told the Evening Chronicle today:

“We are where you would want to be, but we still have a bit to do.” “Ideally we would want to do it as quickly as possible.”“We have to continue what we have been doing and we know we have to claim an away victory very soon.” “That is something we have stalled on a little bit.”

“If we do that, then we have to take advantage of our home games coming up.” “We are in a good situation, but not one has cemented anything just yet.”

“You do not normally win promotion in February, you can win it in March if you are very good. More often then not it is in April.”

“The period we have had with lots of midweek fixtures is the congested period, now we have a slight break and then another run of games comes up.”

“It is all about coming through those periods and picking up points.” “Last week we took seven out of nine points.” “That makes a big, big difference.”

At the beginning of the season Chris and Colin broke down each of the early months of the season and set goals for each mini segment.

That apparently was to ensure that if the club was indeed sold (it was up for sale until last October) and a new manager and coaches were brought in they would take over a team that was in good shape – and at least fairly well organized.

That reflects so well on Chris and Colin – that they put the club first – in front of themselves – how’s that for loyalty and professionalism.

Of course it wasn’t just Chris and Colin, but also other coaches such as goalkeeping coach Paul Barron and Newcastle Reserve team manager and local lad Alan Thompson, whose had a great first seaosn as a Newcastle coach.

Calderwood continued:

“We have had a similar sort of thing.” “We have broken it down into little sections and the aim has been to finish every section at the top of the league.”

“We have achieved each one, so that is why we are where we are.”  “We have been a model of consistency in terms of that.”

And if Newcastle can maintain that consistency for the next two months and 14 games promotion should be ours.

The Miracle On The Tyne will have been accomplished and Chris, Colin and the rest of the Newcastle coaches, not to even mention the players, will go down in Newcastle’s great  history – and they will all fully deserve it.

Howay The Lads!!

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  • stuart no9

    Feb 24, 2010 at 6:28 PM

    Comment #1

    the only way we will get an away win is if CH gets braver, changes his boring away tactics, and starts to BELIEVE he can win away from SJP

  • Rotonda heights

    Feb 24, 2010 at 7:03 PM

    Comment #2

    That reflects so well on Chris and Colin – that they put the club first – in front of themselves – how’s that for loyalty and professionalism.

    Hughton couldn’t believe his luck. From obscurity to manager of NUFC and Calderwood got sacked from Forest and was out of work !


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