Steven Taylor – It’s An Honor To Play For Newcastle United

We haven’t heard much from Steven Taylor, since he injured his knee back in  January against West Brom.

Steven Taylor – Sports Personality of the Year

But Steven won the Sports Personality of the Year on Monday night and today he has given a long interview to the Newcastle Journal.

Steven has talked about this season’s squad at Newcastle and how all the players want to be at Newcastle, and that makes a big difference.

Steven said:

“After we’ve won a game we forget about that and start thinking about who we’ve got next,”

“We didn’t do it last year. We concentrated too much on the last game, where we went wrong. We were always dwelling on the past. Now we’re looking to the future and great things are going to happen to this football club.”

“I want to be part of it, part of a winning side. At the start of the season everyone was looking at themselves and they wanted to get back into the Premier League. To stay in the Championship means nothing.”

“We are where we are because we’ve got such good team bonding. We never had as many team bonding sessions as we’ve had this year. We’re a much better unit.”

“Before we used to have little islands and people didn’t mix as much as we do now. That’s why we’re top of the league. If we can get back into the Premier League we know what the mistakes have been and we’ll put them right.”

“In years to come we might look on it (relegation) as a step backwards to go forwards. The squad we’ve got now is full of players who want to play for the club and bring us back to the Premier League.”

“I know I speak on behalf of the rest of the lads when I say it is an honor to play for Newcastle United. When I go on the pitch now, I always believe I’m going to win the game.”

“Not many teams can do that.”

We have seen now and again some arguments between the players on the pitch, most recently when Newcastle conceded a sloppy goal late in the game at Watford, when captain Alan Smith and new boy Mike Williamson argued with each other.

But Steven says that’s only to keep the standards up, as he continued:

“There’s been times when you see little arguments on the pitch but that’s because the players are demanding much more of each other – more than they did last year,”

“If you look at Man United you’ll see their players at each other. But it’s encouragement more than anything. When someone’s made a bad mistake we help each other. There’s never, ever any fall-outs.”

“In the changing room you can see the foreign lads enjoying the banter with the English lads. The lads are much happier on the training pitch.”

“We’re top of the Championship, the gaffer’s happy, the players are happy – but we demand more.”

There is no date when Steven will return to the Newcastle side, but we think it will be in about a month.

But Newcastle manager Chris Hughton will hardly rush Steven back with Coloccini and Mike Williamson playing so well in central defense at the moment.

But when Steven does return he’ll be pushing to start again, and it is going to be interesting to see how our back four shapes up once Steven is back.

Steven epitomizes the passion that is now in the Newcastle squad.

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