Can Danny Guthrie Emulate Gerrard And Lampard?

Our regular readers will know we are big fans of 22 year-old Danny Guthrie,  and we like to see him playing in the middle of the park.

Danny Guthrie – a budding great player?

Danny was bought from Liverpool in the summer of 2008, and he can still develop into a top class midfielder.

While at Liverpool he knew all about Steven Gerrard and he said when he arrived on Tyneside to be a great midfield player he had to add goals to his game.

Our question is can he develop into something like Steven Gerrard or Frank Lampard?

If he gets near those two players, he will become another bargain buy for the Tyneside club – we are keeping our fingers crossed for this lad.

We do think Danny has a lot more development in his game, but he has to be played in the middle of the park at Newcastle to get that kind of development.

Certainly the 22-year-old has looked great in the last few games, when he has played in central midfield, and he scored a couple of goals on Saturday during the 6-1 annihilation of 10 man  Barnsley at St. James’ Park.

Chris Hughton talked about Danny Guthrie today and mentioned his vast potential:

“Danny Guthrie is a very good footballer and has done very well lately,”

“He can play anywhere across the midfield but he is playing particularly well at the moment and he is still developing.”

“I believe he has plenty of improvement still in him – he was brought here because of his abilities on the ball.”

“He is a little bit different from the other midfielders and he is certainly a creative type.”

“We have told him he is capable of adding goals to his games and he did that last weekend with two.”

With Alan Smith looking to miss out again on Saturday with his ankle injury, Danny looks likely to get another chance in central midfield at Middlesbrough.

Usually Hughton plays 4-5-1 away from home but it looks like he’ll play 4-4-2 and hope that Guthrie’s attacking prowess and eye for goals, can get Newcastle another 3 points to make it 5 wins on the trot.

We hope so anyway.

Comments welcome.

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  • bassongs_of_praise

    Mar 12, 2010 at 11:22 AM

    Comment #1

    Possibly the most ridiculous article ive ever read mentioning him in the same breath as Gerrard and Lampard!

    He had a good game on Saturday against a poor Barnsley side but apart from that has been average bordering on poor all season.

    Never seen a player shy out of so many tackles or give away possession in dangerous areas as much as Guthrie does.

    Any 1 moment of brilliance from him is usually overshadowed by about 10 sloppy bits of play.

    I think one of his main problems is that he thinks he is Steven Gerrard when he clearly isnt and never will be.

  • boater

    Mar 12, 2010 at 12:26 PM

    Comment #2

    Bassongs_of_praise – so much bile so early in the day.

    I disagree. I think his recent performances in his natural central slot have helped transform our attacking might – it’s hard to argue with the scorelines since he’s been in there eh.
    Intelligent on the ball, eye for goal, runs for 90 mins creating angles for team-mates. There have been a number of recent press mentions (guardian, times, le’tiss on sky) of him – being future england POTENTIAL so what’s the problem with tis article exactly?

    Would you like us to go back to singling out and persecuting individual players.. that’s pretty depressing and one of the reasons we are in this sodding division in the first place if you ask me.

  • AngerOfTheNorth

    Mar 12, 2010 at 12:32 PM

    Comment #3

    I’m with Boater. Let’s not tear the lad apart when he’s made some good contributions in the past few games. He’s not perfect in every area, far from it, but he’s learning.

    When all’s said and done, he’s worth playing in the middle at this level. When we go up, we’ll see if he can hack it. If he can, great. If not, we’ll get someone in that can. However at only 22 he should be given a chance.

  • boater

    Mar 12, 2010 at 12:39 PM

    Comment #4

    There is another point here – which is that good young potentials will almost exclusively only develop in good sides – (Rooney kind of one-offs aside) or at least happy and stable squads. People mooting Guthrie, Carroll and routledge for possible england starts next season – it reminds me of the SBR days which can only be a good thing..

  • Robby Bobson

    Mar 12, 2010 at 1:07 PM

    Comment #5

    The thing that makes Guthrie shine in our team is he always wants the ball…OK sometimes hes sloppy and gives it away, but that is because he always makes himself available and realises we are the better team and will try something. Too many times our midfield and defence have hoofed it long.

    He was one of our better players last season until he was shipped out to the wing when Nolan came in. Not close to Gerrard or Lampard but hes 22/23? He is very young and still has about 6 years to reach his peak.

    I read an article from a liverpool fan saying Lucas or Guthrie? Guthrie every time. I think he must really have some against Lucas tbh!

  • Macas35

    Mar 12, 2010 at 1:19 PM

    Comment #6

    Have to agree with bassongs_of_praise here. Guthrie was very poor first half against barnsley and only when they went to 10 men did he come into the game. He has a decent shot at times but lacks the pace or creativity to be a real force for us. I thought he would step up his game when we got relegated but all it has done is further expose his limitations. Decent squad player but we need to look for better options if we get promoted.

  • BeeGuy

    Mar 12, 2010 at 1:22 PM

    Comment #7

    I’m optomistic that we will find out how good Guthrie is next season playing against PL sides. To me, the true test will be in Guthrie’s whole game. Does he get caught 2 steps behind the Rooney’s and Drogba’s of the world, or is he late arriving on attack by overcompensating on defense? Few have written him off at 22, and I think he will comport himself well next year.

  • costello91

    Mar 12, 2010 at 2:02 PM

    Comment #8

    he can emulate them if he keeps his head down and works hard. im predicting a very good season for him next year (in the prem) i hope!
    he will probly be one of our star performers for the rest of the season

  • bassongs_of_praise

    Mar 12, 2010 at 2:37 PM

    Comment #9

    Not sure I understand people saying we shall see what he is like in the Premier League – we saw what he was like in the Premier League last season, he wasnt very good.

    I dont like singling players out boater but I just think that after a few half decent performances some of the praise being put his way is way over the top and ignoring the far greater number of very poor games he has had for us.

    Granted he is clearly more effective in the middle than on the wing but i never quite understand how people can use that as an excuse for sloppy passing and pulling out of challenges???

    Last resort backup squad player for me, and realistically at 22/23 that isnt as young as people are making out in footballing terms so I doubt he is gonna improve much if at all.

    If he is part of our 1st choice midfield next season (assuming we go up) then it will be a quick return to the Championship me thinks – one area we really need to improve in the close season.

    Id hardly say being called better than Lucas is a ringing endorsement either!!


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