Simpson Wants To Smash Sunderland So Much

In the first week that Danny Simpson was on Tyneside in August, and during almost his very first interview, he opined that Newcastle United were so much a bigger club than Sunderland.

This is the game we want to see next season

And Danny had already played for Sunderland on loan so Newcastle fans thought he must know what he’s talking about, and so they agreed with Danny. 😀

And since that famous interview Danny Simpson, now at Newcastle permanently,  has made no secret of the fact he would love to play in his first Newcastle – Sunderland derby game (next season?).

He’s learned all there is to know about this derby game from his loan spells at both Sunderland and Newcastle United.

But Danny will have to make do with Newcastle’s second derby today at Middlesbrough this afternoon :

Danny continued:

“We beat Boro at home and you could tell it was not an actual derby,”

“I would love to have (a Tyne-Wear derby) next season. I love playing against my mates.”

“To smash them on the pitch would be great!”

“Sunderland can be safe and we will have a close derby.”

Danny seems to have the right attitude for the derby game against Sunderland, that’s for sure, and “smash them” seems about right doesn’t it?

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