Joey Barton Ready To Be Great Again

Joey Barton had a 75-minute run-out last night for the Reserves at Hartlepool in Newcastle’s 2-0 defeat, but Joey missed a penalty.

Joey Barton – complete faith is his ability

After the game Joey has declared himself available for Saturday’s first team game at  Bristol City.

Joey has come out today and said he believes in his own ability, and of course we have to hope his off-field stupidities of the past are exactly that – a thing of the past.

Joey talked after the Hartlepool game:

“Since I’ve been at Newcastle I’ve had three broken feet and a torn medial ligament in two and a bit years – plus a well-documented spell in the clink and numerous other problems,”

“But I’m someone who will bounce back. If there’s another penalty I’ll put myself forward for it. That is what gets me going.”

“Hopefully I can just get a sustained run. I’m confident in my own ability – it’s not going to be easy for me but I believe in myself greatly.”

“At one stage I was in the top echelon of midfielders in this country.”  “There’s certainly none of my ability lost – I actually feel I’m a better player now. But I’ve got to stay fit to prove it.”

“It’s all well and good talking about it but I’ve got to prove it and that starts, hopefully if I’m selected, on Saturday.”

Joey was very enthusiastic after the game last night, as it seems he at least proved to himself he’s now ready for a return to the first team.

But of course there’s significant competition for places in the team, and Joey will not just walk back into the team.

Joey continued:

“Of course it’s going to be tough getting into the team,”

“But as you know, I’m a big believer in my own ability – when fit.”  “What I want to do is get fit, get a sustained run in the team and show the Newcastle fans why the club have invested a lot of money in me.”

“I know it’s said at times about how much they paid for me and it’s rumored about how much I am paid a week. But I just want to play football – I love football.”

“The Newcastle fans I have met in the street have been fantastic with me and I just want to be a part of a team that can bring some smiles back to the Geordie nation.”

“I came here because I believed it was possible. We’ve had a lot of downs and we’re getting some ups now under the current regime and I just want to be part of it.”

“If it means I play five minutes between now and the end of the season – if that’s what the manager wants, that’s what I’ll do. I just want to help this football club get back to where I want to be.”

That’s good and sensible talk from the Liverpudlian, and it seems that most Newcastle fans want the lad to succeed, finally.

Not only on the field, but in his personal life too.

If he can do that the Toon Army will be right behind him, there’s absolutely no doubt about that.

After all, everybody likes to see somebody confront their demons and be successful – and we all have those demons  in varying degrees, after all.

We really hope Joey can be a complete success at Newcastle United.

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  • T00nt00n

    Mar 17, 2010 at 9:56 AM

    Comment #1

    Well done to Joey for making the right noises, I for one hope he takes another second chance at Newcastle and succeeds. He has in the past made noises about money and how its not his motivation, now is the time to prove it. Come out like Smudger and extend your contract for a pay cut.

  • DJG

    Mar 17, 2010 at 10:07 AM

    Comment #2

    Will be like having a new player. Can’t see him shifting Jonas, Guthrie and Routledge when all fit. Would like to see him come on for Nolan at the end of a game to spruce things up.

    The thing I like about Barton, he has his critics, but at times last season he was our only midfielder who could pick out a decent forward pass. Would feed Lovenkrands ect.

  • DJG

    Mar 17, 2010 at 10:11 AM

    Comment #3

    We don’t desperately need him this season, should just be nursed slowly back into the first team picture.

    He should maybe think about getting some boots that offer a bit more protection to his feet.

  • Purely Belter

    Mar 17, 2010 at 10:19 AM

    Comment #4

    sorry Ed one question… When was barton ever great in the first place???

  • Chris G

    Mar 17, 2010 at 10:24 AM

    Comment #5

    That was an interesting quote, Ed –

    “If it means I play five minutes between now and the end of the season – if that’s what the manager wants, that’s what I’ll do. I just want to help this football club get back to where I want to be.”

    I noticed that he didn’t say ‘ I just want to help this football club get back to where it deserves to be’

    Come on guys, wake up and see him for what he is

  • geoff777

    Mar 17, 2010 at 10:28 AM

    Comment #6

    Joey’s a top class mid-fielder on his day.
    He’d be my first name on the team sheet when he’s fit.

  • bri_2k4

    Mar 17, 2010 at 10:28 AM

    Comment #7

    ang on ervery one is slating him but he hasnt actually done any thing wrong to our football club he is a nob of a person but he is a good player and every football club needs a psyco player why cant joey be ours

    i like him i think he could do a job for us and he plays fairly consitant aprt from injery.

  • T00nt00n

    Mar 17, 2010 at 11:11 AM

    Comment #8

    I agree with bri, he is a complete nob, but he’s our nob, so we should support him.

  • Solaidback

    Mar 17, 2010 at 11:19 AM

    Comment #9

    I bet he’s either injuryed or banned within the next 2 weeks 🙁

    Sorry guys, I can normally get behind most players but not this guy, he’s a thug & will always be one, you wait until another player clips him, he’ll lose his rag & get carded for it, it’s the nature of the beast & I’ve never classed him as a great midfielder!!!

  • BeeGuy

    Mar 17, 2010 at 12:07 PM

    Comment #10

    Here is a question I can’t answer, but I’ll pose it. Given that Barton stays fit through the end of the season & considering the “wage cap” NUFC is professing to hold, are there more affordable and better midfielders on the market than Barton?


    Mar 17, 2010 at 4:16 PM

    Comment #11

    joey joey joey….

    we know how it is when the world is looking for you to f-up. we’re newcastle supporters! in that sense, you’re in the right place; this is YOUR club! c’mon take us to the top!


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