Shearer Can Take Management Lead From Brian Clough

Alan Shearer had a chance to become Newcastle permanent manager last April 1st.  but in his 8 games in charge Newcastle got just 5 points with a single win and 2 draws and his chance was gone when Newcastle were relegated.

Alan Shearer – needs to get management experience – somewhere

Indeed if Newcastle had managed to survive in the Premiership we think Alan would have remained as manager, and that was the plan when he was hired by owner Mike Ashley on April Fools day.

But it’s now unlikely that Alan will be offered the chance to manage Newcastle until he gets some real experience at managing at another club or clubs.

He could take his lead from the great Brian Clough, who started managing at Hartlepool United in October of 1965, when he was only 30 years old.

Clough had been forced to retire early, following a cruciate knee ligament injury, which in those days ended football careers.

Clough had played time 213 times for Middlesbrough with 197 goals and 61 times for Sunderland with 54 goals – not too bad a goals return is it?

But because of Nat Lofthouse in the team, Brian played just twice for England.

Hartlepool had always been at or near the bottom of the then 4th Division, but Brian Clough along with his assistant manager Peter Taylor, had them in 8th position at the end of the 1966-1967 season.

Clough then went on to manage Derby County for six years where he won the League One title in 1972,  and then spent 19 years at Nottingham Forest from 1975 – 1993, when they won the European Cup twice in 1979 and 1980.

In between was his famous 44 days at Leeds United in 1974, when he took over from Don Revie, who had been appointed England manager.

Brian won just one game of the first seven that season, before he was sacked after alienating the players, and that has been made into the film The Damned United released last year.

An interesting note is that Liverpool, with Kevin Keegan in the side, beat Leeds United that year in the Charity Shield, having beaten Newcastle and Malcolm MacDonald 3-0 in the FA Cup Final in May, 1974.

But the point is that Brian Clough learned his trade in the lower leagues at unfashionable clubs, and that might be the way Alan has to learn the management trade too.

Alan may be able to get to a Championship club, but it would be unlikely that he would be offered a position at a Premier League club given his lack of experience, and his 8 games in charge of Newcastle will not help his CV right now.

The success story is that Alan goes to some Championship or other side, gets them promoted and on a successful track, before he rejoins Newcastle United as manager.

Exactly when that will be we have absolutely no idea.

And we just cannot end a piece on Brian Clough without mentioning some of the more outlandish quotes he made – here are a few of them:

“I wouldn’t say I was the best manager in the business. But I was in the top one. “

“Rome wasn’t built in a day but I wasn’t on tht particular job.”

“Players lose you games, not tactics. There’s so much crap talked about tactics by people who barely know how to win at dominoes. “

“The river Trent is lovely, I know because I have walked on it for 18 years. “

“We talk about it for twenty minutes and then we decide I was right in the first place.” – on handling a player who disagrees with him.

Brian was just great for the game, and the nearest manager these days to him in personality has to be  Jose Mourinho, who we hope is back in the Premiership shortly, so we can have some good laughs. 😀

Both managers had that ability to have their players playing way above their skill levels.

Comments very welcome.

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  • Charlietoon

    Mar 28, 2010 at 10:40 AM

    Comment #1

    I hope Shearer does not come back for ten years at least

  • marshy

    Mar 28, 2010 at 10:49 AM

    Comment #2

    hughton didn’t do very well in in the premiership last season but he is the manager now.

  • Bao Zheng

    Mar 30, 2010 at 5:27 AM

    Comment #3

    Learning points from Clough. There is no substitute for hands on experience. Team work in the managers office is as important as team work on the field. Teams need more work horses than stars. Everyone fails from time to time, managers and players have to be resilient owners and fans have to be patient. Don’t tolerate bad behaviour. Stay off the drink! Btw I would suggest Lee Clark is currently looking a much better prospect than Shearer.


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