Newcastle Need £60M War Chest This Summer – Nonsense

It’s interesting that after our article yesterday, indicating that Newcastle will not be signing big fee players in the transfer market, but they’ll be making them, Nottingham Forest manager Billy Davies has come out and said Newcastle will need a £60M war chest this summer.

Billy Davies – Newcastle will need £60M transfer chest

Our first reaction is that is the last thing somebody like Mike Ashley wants to hear, because the club just hasn’t got that sort of money, but the second is we think that’s nonsense.

Big money transfer fees is what’s completely ruining world football at the moment, and ordinary players are going for ridiculous amounts.

That hopefully will soon come under some financial control when Michel Platini, UEFA’s President,  gets his plans in action to curtail this stupid spending of money that clubs just don’t have.

His basic plan is to have clubs spend only those amounts they make in their business, but it’s a bit strange that Platini has to force clubs to do that, because after all clubs are now businesses and must spend within their means.

If they don’t do that then they’ll go bankrupt, and we are starting to see that with various clubs like Portsmouth, as just one example.

But first of all let’s take a look at what Billy actually said:

“For teams like Newcastle and other teams that go up it is a very difficult task they will be facing,”“When I went up into the Premier League with my former club Derby, that year Tottenham Hotspur were already a very good Premier division side and Tottenham spent £50M on top of what they had.”

“But Newcastle is different from other clubs that have been promoted because of where they have come from. Don’t forget the wonderful job that Derby did coming from being financially in trouble and getting promotion after 11 months, and then it is a huge task for clubs like that and clubs like Forest and other teams.”

“Newcastle are already sitting here with a budget that exceeds X amount of pounds with a squad depth that carries huge experience. They are more equipped than any other team in this division.”

“But they will still need to spend and, as a greedy manager, I think at least £40M for the first window and £20M for the second is what is required.”

We don’t think big money buys is the way the club is going to go in the summer, because the club has shown over the last couple of years that some bargain buys, like Seb Bassong, Mike Williamson and Danny Simpson can be found for peanuts, compared to amounts like £40M.

Not to mention Newcastle’s record of big money buys is hardly impressive.

And then there’s the players we are building through the Youth system, and yes, that takes time but we are already seeing good players like Tamas Kadar and Andy Carroll coming through well.

Both will only get better next season.

Billy continued by talking about the Newcastle club as an animal:

“This animal is ready-made for it, but of course it will need a new injection of players. There are a huge amount of players in the squad who you would have to say are top, top quality such as Jonas Gutierrez and Jose Enrique. They are top players.”

“It is entirely up to the club what they do but they have very good experienced players here. Gutierrez, Enrique, Ameobi – you can go through this team. This team are more equipped than other teams have been in a similar position.”

“They deserve great credit for getting into the Premier League, but they know themselves that it is a huge task to try and it takes huge spending to compete with the people that are already in there.”

“They have the quality and the experience if you look at the depth of squad.” “I am sure the management staff will want to change it around and add to that which I think will certainly happen.”

“But if you look at the team and look at the quality and the people they have got you would have you say that Newcastle United, having come form where they have come from, having experienced what they have experienced, have a good chance.”

“The club’s infrastructure cries out for Premier League football whereas other clubs that are trying to get there, who deserve wonderful credit by the way, are still working on their infrastructure.”

Some good words for the Newcastle club there from Davies.

The way forward for football clubs in the Premiership cannot be to have available a huge transfer chest for players, because clubs just don’t have the money.

Don’t forget that when Liverpool, for instance,  say they will make money available for big players in the summer, they don’t have the money.

They are already loaded in debt, and it simply means they will go further into debt to give the manager some money to spend in the summer for new players.

That’s just exactly what Portsmouth did when Harry Redknapp was at the club, and look what happened to them.

There’s something terribly wrong with a business doing that, and it has to be brought under control.

Getting back to transfer amounts, the maximum we think will be made available for Chris this summer is £20M, and the club will also look to sign at least two top class youngsters for season long loan deals.

If the only way forward for clubs to stay in the PL is to have to spend  £60M on players, then the PL will not last for very much longer – it’s will just be unsustainable for clubs.

And remember Billy says Newcastle are the most ready to re-enter the PL of all clubs in the Championship, so if a club like Swansea City get promoted, then  heaven knows how much Billy will think they need to compete in the PL.

There’s one thing for certain, club just don’t have that amount of money.

Well, that’s what we think.

Let’s have your comments on this important topic.

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  • lolly

    Mar 31, 2010 at 9:53 AM

    Comment #1

    I think £60m is overdoing it abit!! transfer fee’s arent as high as a few years ago were the average fee for a good player was £10m, thats why so many PL clubs are in such debt right now for paying such ridiculous fee’s for average players. However I dont think that just relying on homegrown players and a few bargains .ie, Danny Simpson will be enough ed. Hughton is a shrewd manager and im sure he will pick up some good players for relativley low fee’s but I think he will need 2 or 3 class players to help us survive and I think thats gonna cost you £20m on top of whoever else he brings in. What does everyone else think????

  • Aza9

    Mar 31, 2010 at 9:59 AM

    Comment #2

    60M is a completely unrealistic some of money to expect us to spend next season and for Billy Davis to come out and say that i think it just shows what a tit he really is.

    If forest do get promoted how much will they need to invest to stay up then? 100M? Stoke haven’t spent anywhere near 60M since arriving in the PL and look were they are.

    I’d be happy this summer if Ashley gives Hughton 20-25M (plus any money we get for any players that are transfered out) to bring in 5 or 6 players as well as a couple of loan deals and i think anyother realistic fan would be happy with the same.

  • Alex_Forest

    Mar 31, 2010 at 9:59 AM

    Comment #3

    You will have to spend to stay up, or do some very shrewd buying. But I should also point out that Our Billy rarely says something without a subtext – he’s said in the past that Forest would need to spend £60m to stay up (if we go up!). He probably doesn’t give a hoot about Newcastle, what he’s really saying is directed at our board: “Newcastle are going to have to spend big to make it in the Premiership, and so are we, so get your chequebooks out!”

  • Tel

    Mar 31, 2010 at 10:00 AM

    Comment #4

    I have to agree with this article Ed, problem as I see it is the big money teams such as Manchesters 2, Chelski, and a few other wannabes will do all they can to veto any restrictions suggested by Platini. But the time must have come to save the game from finacial meltdown and run it sensibly. As a pointer to terrace income compared to players wages I pay around £700 for my and my sons season tickets, we therefore have to buy season tickets for over 40 years to pay an average £30,000 a week for one players wage, this is before any signing on fee, agents fees, and bonus’s. I appreciate a lot comes from advertising, merchandise and media rights but surely this cannot be allowed to continue. As a business plan it just doesn’t add up.

  • Aza9

    Mar 31, 2010 at 10:00 AM

    Comment #5


  • spiderpig

    Mar 31, 2010 at 10:13 AM

    Comment #6

    spurs and liverpool have to be on very shaky ground.they have spent more than anyone and dont have the gates to back it up.they cant even seriously compete for got to admire arsenal.they will be around the top long after all the big spenders have gone bankrupt.

  • geoff777

    Mar 31, 2010 at 10:17 AM

    Comment #7

    Well who’s right?

    Ed who thinks we can get survive in the Premiership with £1m championship players, loan signings and 18 year old kids.


    Billy Davies who’s been there, seen it, done it and is actually a professional football manager.

    I wonder.

    Finally someone with sense talks realistic money.

  • Thump

    Mar 31, 2010 at 10:18 AM

    Comment #8

    Alex is spot on. He’s saying nothing about Newcastle and everything about Forest. Look at what he’s saying about Newcastle:

    -Ready made for the EPL
    -Quality players
    -Most well equipped to compete in the EPL
    -A mix of youth and experience in the squad

    Why would he say that about promotion rivals? So far we’ve stormed this season and to be fair it’s to be expected because we are mostly a premiership side anyway. However Forest have fought it out in the CCC for some time and don’t have our advantages. He even at one point says that he’s talking about Forest (“But they will still need to spend and, as a greedy manager, I think at least £40M for the first window and £20M for the second is what is required.” – notice the context shift from “they” to “I”).

    He said himself he respects NUFC and the fans and this is a message to the Forest board more than a message to Mike.

  • AngerOfTheNorth

    Mar 31, 2010 at 10:21 AM

    Comment #9

    Alex Forest is right – Billy Davies rarely says anything without having an axe to grind. For instance look at when he “congratulated us” as becoming champions. We’re nowhere close yet! What he was really saying was “You’ve got it in the bag now lads, you can put your feet up, stop working so hard”. He’s trying to encourage our players to take their foot off the pedal just in case it gives him a chance of getting Forest up automatically!

    When you think about it, he won’t see Forest being able to catch us, but if WBA gave up on trying to for 1st place…

  • macn0ble (Finland)

    Mar 31, 2010 at 10:22 AM

    Comment #10

    Few news from today suggests that other clubs are tightening their purse strings;

    * There is alleged dispute about transfer kitty between O’Neil and Villas owner

    * Same paper suggests that ManUre is gonna lose some of their revenue

    * We know about Liverpool and their problems

    * Arsenal spends max about 20m / window

    * We know that likes of Stoke, West Ham etc. will not have 20m to spend in a window (or @ least cannot do it on a yearly basis) the conclusion is that competition will get better and clubs just have to find/scout the right players.

    One club that comes to my mind is Wigan, check out their South American findings (Palacios, now in Tottenham, Valencia, now in ManU, Rodallega and Maynor Figueroa)

    So summa summarum:

    We have good enough squad to stay in the EPL, if we want to compete, some fresh bodies are required. 10-15 mil should do it, given the probability that some players are sold

  • gunnarnufc

    Mar 31, 2010 at 10:35 AM

    Comment #11

    20-25 mills will do the trick. IMO most of that money should go into buying a creative midfielder and a quick skillful striker to partner Carroll upfront. Preferably they should have some EPL experience but then they wont come cheap. But I think that with some proper scouts we could find these players abroad or even in lower leagues in England.

    Some players I find very very interesting and could be realistic options (although I’m just day dreaming here), some could come straight into the team others would be for the future:

    Jonjo Shelvey: 18 year old English attacking midfielder/second striker who has already played 36 first team matches for Charlton. Is the youngest ever goalscorer for Charlton. Has a contract until 2012 but should not be very expensive. Apparently has great creative skills and a very mature “football brain” for his age. Has played for England u-16 and 17.

    Milan Badelj: 21 year old Croatian international. Milan Badelj was born on February 25, 1989 in Zagreb. He is a completely modern midfielder and Dinamo Zagreb ‘s new Luka Modric , even though many football experts compare him in terms of physical attributes and playing style to Croatian legend Zvonimir Boban. Badelj is also called “The jewel from Dinamo” for his elegant style of play, clever passing and fine technical ability. ( It would be hard for Newcastle to get this player as he has been watched by giants like Bayern and Man Utd, but hey, every other youngster has been watched by these clubs.

    Afroto: 21 year old Egyptian international attacking midfielder. Just one look at Afroto shows that he is far from being the typical potential Egyptian star. The stylish playmaker is a diminutive player, yet extremely speedy and creative. His high caliber technique and unpredictable movement on the pitch have already earned him a standing ovation from the Al Ahly crowd at the end of the Police Union game – a very rare gesture by the fans for such a young player. (

  • Widowmaker

    Mar 31, 2010 at 10:44 AM

    Comment #12

    I would personally welcome comments like this to force MA selling the club as soon as he possibly could or spend as much as the club could afford rather than busy eatting his pies in the close season.

  • coxonfamily

    Mar 31, 2010 at 10:46 AM

    Comment #13

    The first thing I thought of when I read Davies’ comment was Birmingham… I cant remember them spending 60m and they arnt very diffrent to us.

  • Geordie-Gerrard7

    Mar 31, 2010 at 10:48 AM

    Comment #14

    coxon- i would say were better than brum with a younger hungrier sqaud

  • David_Barber

    Mar 31, 2010 at 10:49 AM

    Comment #15

    Hi Guys,
    Like “AngerOfTheNorth” I stated blogging on “TeamTalk” they’ve changed their blog (can’t seem to get on?). Love this site; but it changes rather rapidly, so I never seem to be able to keep up….On the Billy Davies statement, it seems he wants us to bite! Everyone and anyone seem to get a kick; out of making us ‘Geordies’ rant? He wants us to put pressure on ‘the fat one’ (sour grapes) so we’ll upset the apple-cart? Let’s just enjoy the moment whilst it lasts!! How way the Tooon!!! “Oh, when the mags (when the mags) go marching in!!” (BTW, did I mention, ‘I hate Ashley?’)

  • coxonfamily

    Mar 31, 2010 at 10:50 AM

    Comment #16

    on a diffrent note i have to say the only major strengthining i think we need is RB, Danny Simpson seems a canny lad and all but unfortunatly for him id take a quality player over a nicey-nice player.

    He can be good going forward but his defending scares the hell outta me, he keeps backing off players and turning his back on them. Unlike others I wouldnt sell many of our players, because theirs no real urgency too. The likes of simpson, ameobi, smith, taylor etc. etc. can stay for me, they like the club and will be excellent squad players.

  • Sav

    Mar 31, 2010 at 11:02 AM

    Comment #17

    What I have difficulty with is your assumption that our 3-month old scouting system, headed by former Northampton manager, Carr, is going to unearth cheap gems to rival clubs like Arsenal, ManU, Spurs etc. who have had established world-wide scouting networks for years.
    You keep mentioning Bassong as if there was one under every rock. There isn’t. And I can point to years of mediocre centre-backs to prove it.
    Wise and Co. unearthed a few decent youngsters. Big Sam brought in a couple of good players, too. And it seems Hughton has had his eye on Williamson as a banker for some time.

    From the outside it looks as if every scout or manager has one or two hot tips they keep a close watch on and when they arrive at a club, they try to bring them in. And then the honeymoon is over and its back to the slog of going along to the same matches, following up the same tip-offs as every other scout or assistant manager. All very predictable.
    I’m sure they must get sick of the sight of one another.
    But to expect to compete with clubs who the have nurtured the best contacts straight away is a bit unrealistic. Its much the same team going up as brought us down – minus a few decent players replaced in the main with Championship substitutes. That’s the reality and its not to take anything away from what CH and the team have achieved this season.
    But significant money will have to be spent.

  • nightfa11

    Mar 31, 2010 at 11:12 AM

    Comment #18

    i dont think RB is a priority. S.taylor can play there..willi, colo & kadar are great cb’s so…we dont need taylor there.

    as for this 60 mio.. 😀 all we need is a box to box midfielder, a back-up winger (who can play on either side) & an accomplished striker. 20 mil should be enough.

    but if it’s true that s. taylor wants to leave for chelsea, exchange him for obi mikel & sign a RB.

  • Geordie-Gerrard7

    Mar 31, 2010 at 11:14 AM

    Comment #19

    sav- carr was head scout for spurs and man city, and is the man that found daniel sturridge for city from cov city, and others

  • David_Barber

    Mar 31, 2010 at 11:49 AM

    Comment #20

    Sav, as much as I hate ‘The fat one'(and I do!) he has managed to stabilise the club! Our priority next season is to stay in the EPL. Build! On that treasure chest! Spend! When we have the money-to spend! “Geordie-Gerrard7” gr8 post mate. CH should start thinking about Colo’s wage (how much will we get for him [gr8 player; but can we afford his huge wage?]?). Start looking at good players (like the ones he has already brought in (do a bit of wheeling and dealing!).

  • Davies

    Mar 31, 2010 at 11:51 AM

    Comment #21

    I think the estimate of about £20m would get us some pretty good signings, given the financial state everyone else is in (or getting in at least).

    £60m would be nice though.

    By the way, my eldest brother is called Billy, but he’s a bulder, not a football manager.

  • listie

    Mar 31, 2010 at 11:53 AM

    Comment #22

    I think Billy Davies is actually sayin if Forest went they would have to spen 40 – 60 mill!

    As for the curbing of spending, it’s a real tough one, the EPL is so successful because it has great players, to get the great players big money is spent, if the cap is put in place, getting the worlds great playesr to the EPL will be a lot harder and in turn will cut the tv rights, it’s a vicious circle as I see it. But I do believe that Michel Platini wants that because he can’t stand how popular the EPL is

  • MacToon

    Mar 31, 2010 at 11:57 AM

    Comment #23

    Reading the article he say’s £40 million in the summer window and then £20 in the winter. For me that isn’t far away but if we can unearth £5 million “rated” players for a few hundred K’s then great.

    So 4 X £5 million “rated” players and 2 X £10 million “rated” players, so he’s not far off the mark in my books.

  • newcastle29

    Mar 31, 2010 at 3:28 PM

    Comment #24

    i think only £15-20m will be made available.
    will that be enough? maybe if it is spent wisely.

    one question i have got is, whilst chis houghton has done top job in the championship, can he hack the prem and can he attract the players to newcastle that we need?


    Mar 31, 2010 at 5:33 PM

    Comment #25

    Do forest have 60 million,in fact i don’t think you would get 50 million for forest if you put them up for sale.Think this fella billy might be on a collision course with his board myself.Think 20 to 25 million would be enough,a very quick striker like agbonlahor from villa throw taylor in as part of the deal and give them 8 million cash,could always replace taylor with ridgewell 1 of the jewels in the Birmingham crown on a free.Agbonlahor 23 year old with pace to burn, also be a big shirt seller i think,3 or 4 years down the line what do you think agbonlahor would be worth, when he hits his peak 40 or 50 million maybe more.Then i think we need a very heavy hitting defensive midfielder to give the defence that little bit more protection, which you need in the prem.There are some very good players that could be had for free if we look wisely at the market.I think once we are up 50 million tv money guaranteed,i think mike ashley will want to be pushing on for europe, which is more money coming into the club,so dont be surprised if he signs some1 like agbonlahor and fires a statement of intent to the rest of the prem league.Anything left to spend i would use on a few hotshot kids,that the club could bring on themselves.

  • Sgt. Heagerty

    Mar 31, 2010 at 6:30 PM

    Comment #26

    You hit the nail on the head. There is no way 60 million is the asking price for newcastle to survive in the premier league. It comes down to getting the right pieces to make a good squad. 20 to 25 million from ashley to hughton would make me happy. Hughton has showed himself to be very capable on the market. Look at the players he picked up on a budget this season. All of em have played well coming down the stretch. As a fan you want your team to win, but real fans such as the toon army, don’t want there club to die a financial death to get there. That’s what makes newcastle so special.

  • cupiddstunt

    Mar 31, 2010 at 7:26 PM

    Comment #27

    Listie I think your final comment is spot on, I think the only reason he is banging on about the amounts of cash spent is because the EPL is the most watched and he is anti EPL.

    The sums of money spent by prem clubs is because they are gambling, ie 20 to 30 mill on this or that player hoping it might be just enough to get them into the top six and European football and that is where the big bucks are made.

    The problem is over a dozen clubs are spending outside their means but only six will make the European gravy train so six to ten clubs hit financial problems and that is what we are seeing.

    I think Chris has shown he is not to shabby at putting together the jigsaw that is a football team, and giving enough time I think he will show he is capable of doing it in the prem.

    Big money players are not needed just now, as big wages normally come along with big ego’s and at the moment we can well do without any over inflated ego’s disrupting the team.

    So slow building bringing in players that want to be here not just players looking for the biggest paydays, and all going well we could be consistent top half of the league in about three to four seasons.

    Lets get promoted, then consolidate out position and then build from there, generally all things that are built on solid foundations are found to be better and last longer.

  • VanCanToonFan

    Apr 1, 2010 at 4:19 AM

    Comment #28

    60 mil is an outrageous sum of money to spend just to “survive”, i.e. not get relegated, in our first season back. Maybe Forest would need to spend that much, but as he says, we are much better positioned with the experience we already have in the side.

    My best guess would be 15-20 mil spent in the summer and another 5-10 in January, depending on where we sit in the table.

    Also, for those of you saying we are set at the back end, look at the injuries we’ve had and the loans we had to bring in just to be able to field a decent back line – Kizanishvili, van Aanholt, Hall, etc. Things aren’t going to get any easier when we go up; you simply can’t have enough depth in defense. Count on the loans policy to continue next year in order to supplement our numbers.


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