Shola Ameobi Ready To Celebrate – Just Like Back In 1993

Shola Ameobi remembers well the 1993 last home game, when promotion to the Premier League was last celebrated on Tyneside.

Shola Ameobi – signing his new contract early last season

The great Kevin Keegan was in charge at that time, and in their last game Newcastle celebrated by annihilating Leicester City 7-1, on May 9th, 1993, to be exact.

By the way Leicester had already qualified for the play-offs that season.

Shola at that time was 11 years old, and we think he used to live in Benwell, and he says he could hear the roars of the St. James’ crowd that day.

For a local lad who’s been at the club for 15 years, and Newcastle being the only club he’s ever been at, this will be something that Shola will never forget – just like the rest of  the Newcastle United supporters.

Shola said today:

“I’m a local lad, so I know what the city will be like if we get the trophy at home,”

“I remember all those years ago back in 1993, when I was about 10  or 11. I can remember what Newcastle was like that day when the trophy was presented and we beat Leicester 7-1.”

“It was incredible, and it would be nice to think that a week on Saturday could be anything like that. I wasn’t actually at the game, but I didn’t live far from the stadium and I remember standing outside my house just to hear the noise. “

“It just seemed like it was cheering for hour after hour after hour. It was something I’ve remembered all my life, and it’s amazing to think I might be part of something similar all these years down the line.”

There’s just no way on earth that Newcastle will not now be Champions, and officially it needs one more point from Newcastle or one point dropped by WBA.

And even if Newcastle lose their remaining 3 games and WBA win their remaining three, we’ll still win the league on goal difference, unless Steve Harper starts throwing them into the back of the net.

Ameobi seems to be  looking forward to the last home game of the season against Ipswich Town, a week on Saturday, when a Geordie party should be in full swing.

Shola continued:

“It will be fantastic to have the trophy presented at St James’, and that’s our aim now,” “It will be lovely for the home fans to be able to see us lift that trophy and celebrate with us.”

“Hopefully, we can go to Plymouth and do what we’ve done all season – grind things out and earn the right to play our football away from home.”

“We’ve got good quality in this squad, but nobody has a God-given right to just walk through this league. It doesn’t work like that,” “We’ve had to earn that and work really hard.”

This has been almost a perfect season, and the lads timed their latest win streak beautifully.

It’s now 6 wins on the trot and our best this season has been 7 wins on the trot, so that’s another good reason to keep the streak going, as if the lads needed another reason.

And it’s almost unbelievable that a short 10 months after last July 1st, when the club was in absolute turmoil, we are writing up-beat reports about the Newcastle club.

It’s a miracle I tell you – a miracle.

Howay The Lads!!

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  • Charlietoon

    Apr 15, 2010 at 10:18 AM

    Comment #1

    Does he have no desire to test himself any where else? I cant believe we keep resigning him to be honest.

  • Toon Sweden77

    Apr 15, 2010 at 10:24 AM

    Comment #2

    Good for the CCC, not the premierleague as we already seen..

    But to be fair, every single player played this season deserves nothing but credit. They have done a great job getting us back were we belong and the teamspirit seems as high as ever.

  • Aza9

    Apr 15, 2010 at 10:28 AM

    Comment #3

    It was Joke Kinnear that got him the contract extention and well i think it’s a good thing because he was our driving force in attack at the start of the season when Carroll was still finding his feet. We could probably get a couple of mil for him now from a CCC team if CH wanted to sell.

  • Bucks mag

    Apr 15, 2010 at 11:31 AM

    Comment #4

    I think we should get rid in the summer, but…

    Only thing I would say, if we sold him, we’d have Best, Carroll and Lovenkrands – I along with most people think Best isn’t good enough. So that leaves two (potentially) good enough strikers.

    We would need to bring in one/two more strikers, with a (rumoured) tight budget.

    So, assuming that buying 2 new strikers is a bit of an ask, I would prefer to keep him over Best, even though he should be sold.

  • xfer

    Apr 16, 2010 at 2:59 AM

    Comment #5

    lol… exactly… we keep resigning him! I cant put this picture off my head!


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