Chris Hughton Inspired By The Great Bobby Robson

Chis Hughton has admitted that he often draws on the memory of  the great Bobby Robson for inspiration, while he is managing Newcastle United.

Bobby Robson – with his statue in St. James’ Park

Chris ordered a life-sized canvas of Sir Bobby once he was appointed manager last October, and the great man overlooks his office desk at the Benton training grounds, in the same office Bobby would have used.

And the two teams that Bobby managed with distinction for most of his career – Ipswich Town and his home town club Newcastle United – meet again in a few hours time, in Newcastle’s last home game of this miraculous season.

And this morning the Newcastle gaffer has spoken of how important it is to honor the memory of the great man:

“Once it was determined I would be taking the manager’s role on a full-time basis I thought it would be fitting to have a picture of Sir Bobby in my office,”

“It was a great honor for me to become manager of this football club and when that happens certain people come to mind. One of them, of course, was Sir Bobby and he would have used the same office.”

“I spoke with Sir Bobby on a number of occasions and I knew how proud he was to manage this football club.

“There are times when you think ‘What would such and such do in this situation?’ and Sir Bobby is one of those people I have thought about.”

“It united the football club and took the difficulties away from people’s minds,”  “This great man and this great ambassador for this football club had passed away and it put everything in perspective

“It was a time that united everybody in football.”

Those are great words from Chris Hughton, and now we know where he gets his inspiration from, and of course Chris has done a miraculous job on Tyneside these last 10 months.

Funnily enough we also get a lot of inspiration from just thinking about how great Bobby was when he was at Newcastle,  he’s our favorite man in football.

I was In Japan on business back in early September, 1999 and I was returning for a short vacation in Newcastle, and the papers were full of Bobby Robson, who was about to sign for Newcastle as manager, and I can remember being so excited about Newcastle’s future.

I’ll never forget that plane flight to Newcastle from London – I read that news about Bobby maybe 10 times on the plane – just in case I had missed something. 😀

Bobby wasn’t only a great manager,  probably the best English manager ever, but more than that he was a great man, and that’s why we will always honor his memory.