Andy Carroll Already At A Crossroads In His Career

Andy Carroll has come out today and said how Chris Hughton has helped him both on and football field this season, and certainly helped the Gateshead-born player with his rather dramatic development since the turn of the year.

Andy Carroll – great progress this year

Before we get to what Andy said we have to mention that Carroll has had some well-publicized problems off the pitch – and he will be in a Newcastle court shortly on an alleged assault and battery charge,  that was said to have been committed in a Bigg Market night-club.

Andy cannot talk about the court case because of legal reasons, but he does admit that his quick rise to fame over the last couple of years has brought some learning lessons for the budding 21 year-old.

This is what Carroll told the Newcastle Journal this morning:

“Looking back it’s been a great season for the club,”

“Obviously, I’ve had problems on and off the field this season but the lads have got round me. Chris and Colin have been great with me, they’ve helped me along and looked after me.”

“I owe a lot to Chris. He stuck by me through everything and I hope I’ve repaid him with goals and performances.”   “I think the whole of the team felt like they owed him and we’ve managed to repay him a bit by winning the title.”

“He’s brought everyone together. I can’t say enough good things about him,” “When we went down last season the dressing room wasn’t like it is now.”

“Everyone is together as a team now, we do everything together and Chris has had a big influence.”   “Chris is just a great guy. He has our respect and he’s a great manager.”

We all have to remember that Andy is still just 21 and let’s face it – we all tend to do some daft things at that age.

But Andy has to accept that in the world of football he has to watch himself when he’s out in public, and even then he’s representing Newcastle United and he has to act accordingly.

With Andy also being a new father, big  responsibility comes with that too, so if Andy listens closely to what Chris tells him, and also listens to Kevin Nolan, who has taken him under his wing – he’ll do OK.

But as usual – it’s entirely up to Andy Carroll.

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