Will Chris Hughton Surprise Newcastle Fans Again Next Season?

Chris Hughton couldn’t have done any better this season than he’s accomplished in his very first year as a full-time football manager.

Chris Hughton – how will he fare next season

Chris of course he didn’t fare too well at all last season, when he took over a couple of times, first from Kevin Keegan at the very beginning of the season, after he left the club or was fired – whatever, and then from Joe Kinnear, who had severe heart problems last February as we all now know.

But since he was given his head last July, he seems to have used his 14 years as an assistant coach so well, and has transformed the Newcastle club completely over the last 10 months.

Let’s face it, last July the Newcastle club was in a desperate state.

And in fact the Newcastle United club now seems to be functioning very well indeed this year, as strange and unusual as that may seem to Geordie fans. 😀

Chris has the players right behind him, and many have come out and said how they respect Chris, and they seem to be willing to do anything Chris asks them to do.

But of course we all know it’s much tougher in the Premiership than in the Championship, and Chris will be up against world-class mangers  like  Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger and Carlo Ancelotti, to name just three.

But Chris has already put together a solid squad, and if the Newcastle club can get in three or four top players this summer, we’ll have a very decent squad indeed.

And then Chris may even surprise us all again next season, in his first attempt as a full-time manager in England’s top division – the best football league in the world.

Well – that’s what we’ll be hoping (and praying) for of course.

Let us know  how you think Chris will fare next season in the Premiership.

Comments always welcome.

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  • Toontastico

    Apr 30, 2010 at 12:53 PM

    Comment #1

    I think your right Ed. From reading plenty of blogs etc it seems thers a good few out there who think we need a major overhaul including an influx of new talent, I aint one. whilst yes we need a right back and proven prem scorer apart from that I think were not so bad. The proven goalscorer is also gonna be very hard to find due to cost.
    If we had any sort of team spirit, leadership and boardroom continuity we would have survived at a cantor last year, those 3 things are hugely important for any football team to survive and thats what has been sorted out. The players we have at the moment if confident in thier own abilities I think will prove to good for a lot of teams next year. Dont get me wrong I’m not talking about Europe but i am talking comfortable premiership safety, once this is obtained we can then take the next step.

  • Chris F

    Apr 30, 2010 at 1:13 PM

    Comment #2


    Look at Birmingham, no real world beaters in their side, but they’ve performed admirably this season because they seem to have a good team spirit in the squad.

  • Symo22

    Apr 30, 2010 at 1:24 PM

    Comment #3

    The thing is he has done well at championship level, but i still question his substitions in some games..

    If we are in the bottom three by christmas he will be sacked because thats what we do at newcastle!! even tho i beleive with 4-5 signings in the summer we can get back in the top 8 haha

  • sirjasontoon

    Apr 30, 2010 at 1:50 PM

    Comment #4

    Investment need especially a good striker that is proven on the big stage….bit more pace in midfield and we will survive.

    I think investment will be minimal 12m max that includes fees from anyone sold…I am not expecting big transfers maybe 4 of 5 cheap players and loans etc

    Not that that is a bad thing but I think scraping survival will be the game-plan,on a budget of course.

  • UTD111

    Apr 30, 2010 at 2:21 PM

    Comment #5

    Interesting question Ed…..

    One of the problems is that now he’s achieved this Championship season mullarkey, expectations amongst a lot of the fans will be on the high side of optimistic….

    So if he gets off to a bad start?

    Hmmmmm! 😉

  • G

    Apr 30, 2010 at 2:33 PM

    Comment #6

    I had my doubts when CH took over, but lets be honest here, the man deserves a good crack at the Prem, he also seems to have the players and the fans 100% behind him. He has more than exceeded my expectations this season, and I am hoping he can do it at Prem level, but I for one am behind him, and if it looks a bit dicey at first I will be waiting until xmas before I get on his back. Survival is all this season, forget about european football etc. Lets just consolodate.

  • chuck

    Apr 30, 2010 at 2:33 PM

    Comment #7

    Two or three reinforcements could mean the difference between a side struggling for survival and a mid league side.
    I`m not talking about three one million pound players, but players of some substance.
    It`s essential to get them early and during this window, we certainly dont need panic buys during the winter window.
    Following the upcoming season and survival, there should follow a program of gradually re-building of the side over the seasons, with the
    sale and replacement of players, each transaction hopefully improving the side .
    That and continue the policy of buying young and cheap prospects who may develope into future first team players.
    This of course will require a strong top level management and coaching group plus a good scouting system .
    A general reorganization of the club from top to bottom if we are to compete at the top level of the game.

  • WLtoon

    Apr 30, 2010 at 6:22 PM

    Comment #8

    if Hughton gets the full backing of the fat man then i think he will do a reasunable job in the prem but his negative tactics away from home worry me.my other concern is that Ashley will get gready if attractive offers come in for some of our better players which i dont think anyone seems to have considered. then what?

  • jimiley

    Apr 30, 2010 at 11:37 PM

    Comment #9



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