Steven Taylor To Get New Contract At Newcastle

Steven Taylor returned to training last week but will not be risked at QPR tomorrow, but Steven can look forward to a new contract at Newcastle in the summer.

Steven Taylor – new contract this summer

Chris Hughton has revealed today what was rumored a few weeks back – that the club will open new contract discussions with the local lad.

Of course after the altercation with Andy Carroll, reports suggest that one of them will leave this summer, but we’ve always thought that was nonsense.

We need both local lads at the Newcastle club and they should kiss and make up.

Chris talked about Steven and Andy today:

“We will be looking at starting new contract talks over the summer with Steven Taylor,”

“There is absolutely no reason why he and Andy Carroll cannot play in the same team together. I expect both of them to still be here next season.”

“They are both very important members of the squad. We have a lot of good young players who you would like to think will continue to develop at this football club.”

“That includes Steven and Andy – they have been big players for us this season.”

“It is not be all and end all, but it is good to have local lads playing for the club. It doesn’t happen very often anymore, but we have got four or five in the first-team squad who grew up as Newcastle fans. That’s unusual.”

Hughton still refuses to comment on the alleged clash between the two young players on the Sunday following the Bristol City game, and Chris firmly believes the 24-year-old  remains part of the team’s future.

Steven has only one year left on his contract so it’s good the club will extend that in the summer, and we just have to hope there are no problems with those discussions – with Ashley now paying lower wages at the club.

Steven was also linked with Barcelona recently, but Chris Hughton says he will ask Mike Ashley to pay Steven as much as possible, to keep other clubs at bay, who are interested in Taylor – and there are many of those.

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  • WLtoon

    May 1, 2010 at 2:31 PM

    Comment #1

    i hope Taylor signs a new deal,tho it depends on what he (taylor) thinks he is worth in the wages department.i dont think fat mike will break his wage cieling for anyone. In my opinion Taylor is our best CB and there will probably be a few clubs sniffing around him this summer who would maybe offer him higher wages,and if an offer of 8m came in then i think the greedy cockney would sell him whether CH liked it or not, it would be foolhardy to sell our best players


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