Kevin Nolan – This Is Only The Start For Newcastle

Kevin Nolan has had a great season, and he was as good as he ever was while at his former club, Bolton Wanderers.

Kevin Nolan – this is just the start
Nolan scored 18 goals in 48 games this season from midfield, and is one of the leaders at the club who has helped form a terrific team spirit on Tyneside since he arrived a short 16 months ago.

Nolan has almost been the spokesman for the Newcastle side this season, and he knows exactly what needs to be done to better the Tyneside team.

Certainly when this lad retires from playing he could and probably will become a top-class manager.

This is what Kevin said this morning:

“I have always said this has to be the beginning.”  “This has to be the first of what is going to be eight or nine steps.”

“It is not going to take days or weeks, it is going to take years to get this club to where I firmly believe it can be and that is back in Europe every year.”

“That will be the Europa League for a few years and then we can try and push for the Champions League again, but the gulf is huge at the moment.”

“You have to make sure you build it the right way, slowly and sensibly.”  “If this football club does that I am confident it will be more successful than it ever has been. I would love to be part of that process.”

You can be sure that players like Alan Smith and Kevin have had several talks with Chris Hughton and Colin Calderwood about what needs to be done at Newcastle,  and you have to believe they are all rowing in the same direction.

That direction will lead to ultimate success for the Newcastle United club, the only question being  -how long will it take?

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