Hughton Still Evaluating Which Players To Go After In Summer

Chris Hughton has again talked to the local press regarding the transfer market, this time the Newcastle Journal, and said again he will take things slowly but surely during the summer.

Chris Hughton with assistant Colin Calderwood

Chris talked about the transfer market and that he would not be making any early buys:

“Now the season’s finished it’s a time for evaluating where we are and what direction we want to go in,”

“We have a scouting network in place and it’s just a case of formulating all that. The most important thing is to get the decisions right.”

“The season’s literally just finished but we continue to gather new information every week. It’s an ongoing process right throughout the summer.”

Chris will need to come together with Colin Calderwood and chief scout Graham Carr to put together a list their targets, and it seems like they haven’t officially done that piece of the puzzle yet.

But we know Chris to be very cagey about things in general, so we’d be surprised if he hasn’t already got a good idea, in his own mind, about who he wants to bring in.

Chris still thinks, rather surprisingly to us, that Newcastle have been at a disadvantage compared to many of the other clubs they will be competing with next season, when it comes to recruitment during the summer.

And that’s because of the uncertainty until early April of which division the club would be playing in next season.

Chris continued:

“We’ve seen a lot of players this season and you have to try and cover as many bases as you can because you’re not 100% sure what division you’re going to be in,” “It leaves you a little bit behind.”

It does seem that the number of new players we will see this summer will be no more than four at the most.

And as we said yesterday, as long as those players are quality then that should be OK, because we’re also sure Chris will go into the loan market for a couple of top youngsters from the big clubs – and probably try to get them on season-long loan deals.

We see that Bolton’s Owen Coyle has already said he’s like to take Arsenal’s 17 year-old midfielder  Jack Wilshere for another season – if that’s OK with Arsene Wenger.

But if Arsenal manager Wenger decides that Jack can go out on loan again, we hope Newcastle are in there trying to get Jack on Tyneside for a season.

And there are quite a few other top youngsters the club can also target for loan deals. Of course any loan players Chris brings in will have to be given sufficient playing time, otherwise it’s not good for either Newcastle or the parent club.

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  • Malaysia-RASHID

    May 8, 2010 at 10:34 AM

    Comment #1

    Football is football, everything can happen in football, never say when we don’t have quality player like Manu, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liver we cannot become big four, the reason is in football, the game is playing by team not a person… simple exmple, look how reading beat liverpool, leeds beat Manu, Burnley beat Manu, Wigan beat Arsenal…all of this happen because of their team spirit, see how Real Madrid player, all of them are super star, can they win a trophy?
    In football, team spirit is important, and I can see our lads have this team spirit after second season of CCL. Hope they can maintain this team spirit, HOWAY THE LADS

  • noir9

    May 8, 2010 at 11:46 AM

    Comment #2

    Hurry-up henok! This looks like an ideal opportunity for you to have your usual dig at Chris. I mean how dare he take his time over signings, they should all be signed already….

  • henok

    May 8, 2010 at 4:14 PM

    Comment #3

    noir9…lol..I don’t have any personal problem wid chris …I acctualy agree but still I feel we will be missing on some players….look at villla for example martin always brings 2-4players but with quality…remember who he bought first petrov and carew …then reo coker …etc…but it’s not about quality I just have problem wid his sinings …admit it…
    Any way I can’t say much cause ever since boby left it have been like this…evry coatch with the exception of KING KEV have brought contraversial players …and that all say we will take our time
    GLen Roder-berbatov and hangland
    Sam alardice -bojan kirch
    gram sounness…kuyt
    king keV….deco,Luca Modric
    see now who we missed on for get the regular ones like
    woodgate,wright Phillips,bale etc


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