Let’s Hope Newcastle Scouts Can Come Up With The Players

Newcastle have shown one thing under Mike Ashley – that the club can go out and make some good bargains in the transfer market.

Mike Ashley – financial business savvy now reigns on Tyneside

And this summer, with little or even no money available in the transfer market, although we seriously doubt that, the Newcastle scouts will need to show that skill once again, and it’s so important that they do just that.

Newcastle fans should remember that it was only two years ago that we brought in a certain 22 year-old Sebastian Bassong, from Metz,  for just £500K, and sold him one season and 10 months later to Tottenham Hotspur for £8M.

We  have to hope that the Newcastle scouting staff can again come up with a few of those type of players this summer.

65 year-old Corbridge born Graham Carr is Newcastle’s new chief scout, and he seems to have been covering a lot of games this year, since he was appointed at the Tyneside club.

The former Northampton Town player and manager has built up a very good reputation as a scout at Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City, and it’s a very important role he has at the Newcastle club at the moment.

There are many clubs in the Premiership who have existed quite nicely without being able to make trophy signings, and clubs like Bolton, Fulham, Blackburn, Birmingham and Stoke to name only five,  have been able to compete quite well in the Premiership.

And we still think that Chris Hughton will be able to bring in some players in the transfer window, as long as they are not too expensive – for instance if Chris wants to sign Jamie O’Hara for say £3M from Tottenham, we’re sure that Mike will come up with the money, because he certainly did in January, when push came to shove.

The very last think Mike Ashley wants next season is another Newcastle relegation – that’s a cast iron certainty.

We’d just hoppe that there would be some clarification from the club on the transfer fees being made available, because we have to beleive they are not going to be zero.

We’ve never liked the Chelsea or Manchester City model, where a billionaire comes in and spends hundreds of millions of pounds on new players – there’s something very wrong with that somehow.   We hope that UEFA President, Frenchman Michel Platini, will soon outlaw that kind of ridiculous buying by European clubs.

Chris Hughton is probably  hunkered down with Graham Carr right now, we hope so anyway, as they go through the players Newcastle may go after this summer, and as we know it appears that a lot of them will have to be either loan signings or free agents – if we can get them.

We don’t care how we get them,  as long as we bring in four good players this summer,  and then we will have every reason to believe Newcastle United will be just fine next season.

And then next year at this time, we may even be starting to talk about getting into Europe again – maybe. 😀

Howay The Lads!!

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