Coloccini Looks Forward To Life Back In The Premiership

After his disappointment in being left our of Argentina’s final World Cup squad of 23 last night, he nevertheless says he is excited about playing back in the English Premier League next season.

Coloccini – looking forward to Premiership next season

Coloccini stayed with Newcastle after the disaster of relegation and played a major role in getting Newcastle back up in their first season out of the top league since the 1992-1993 season, when the great Kevin Keegan got Newcastle promoted.

We thought both Gutierrez and Coloccini would leave last summer, but we were wrong, and the two of them buckled down so well,  and played their part in Newcastle’s terrific season.

Colo said today:

“Every player knows that the Premier League is a fantastic place to play.”  “And it was a terrible feeling to be relegated. But I always wanted to stay here and turn a wrong into a right.”

“I wanted to help the club get back to the highest position.”  “Next season will be good for all of our players and we want to show people how well we can play.”

It looks like Newcastle will have but a single player playing in the World Cup in South Africa this summer, and it’s Jonas Gutierrez who will be carrying the Newcastle banner.

Best of luck to Jonas – and please don’t get injured.

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