Shearer Confident England And Rooney Can Produce Goods

The great Alan Shearer has come out today an put his full support behind England’s best player, 24 year-old striker Wayne Rooney.

Alan Shearer – while managing Newcastle a year ago

Shearer was often shorter in stature than the defenders who marked him, but Alan learned very quickly learned how to hold his own physically.

Alan talked to the Newcastle Journal this morning about England’s best hope – Wayne Rooney:

“He going to be singled out for abuse by opposition defenders, but I believe he can keep a lid on his emotions.”

“When I was a player there were times when you got angry about what was happening because you do get kicked, all sorts goes on, but when it happened I learned to take it as a compliment.”

“All you’ve got to do is ask yourself why they are trying to wind you up.” “They are only doing it to you because you are dangerous to them and that helps you deal with it.”

“It spurs you on if anything. I’m sure Wayne has learnt that over the last few years because every time he plays people are trying to wind him up.”

Rooney has had some  niggling injury problems during the end of the season when he missed a few games for his famous club, Manchester United, and he’s ahrdly looked fresh in recent games for England.

But Shearer thinks that  England can get the best of out of  Rooney and he continued:

“He’s kept his cool at Manchester United and he kept their season together really. If he can do the same with England we’ll go a long way in the tournament.”

“He’s going to be a target, but I don’t think that will worry him. He’s had a good break after the end of the season and the injury problems he had during the run in, and he should be fresh and firing on all cylinders for the World Cup.”

We think that someone like Joe Cole, who seems to have hit top form recently and could be an unlikely hero for England in this World Cup.

But the England defense, usually so strong, is probably the weakest back four and goalkeeper we’ve had for many years, and that has to be a big concern.

We’ll have a better idea after we’ve played the USA tomorrow, but the Yanks would just love to beat England – just love it.

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  • budmon

    Jun 11, 2010 at 2:05 PM

    Comment #1

    COME ON ENGLAND! would love to smash the yanks for 6 tomorrow as I am in America at the moment. agreed with j. cole i think he’ll start along with the crouch-rooney partnership up front. i just hope heskey doesn’t start!

  • cupiddstunt

    Jun 11, 2010 at 4:04 PM

    Comment #2

    You might not want Heskey to start budmon, but if you were to ask Rooney you would probably get the simple answer that he would love Heskey to start.

    Englands forwards have their best goals to games ratio’s when playing alongside Heskey as he has to be the most unselfish no 9 in the game, he gives defences major problems and his strike partners plenty of opportunities, but then again less than sharp football watchers do not see all he does in a game as they are just obsessed with how many goals he has scored.


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