England To Play Germany, Serbia Or Ghana If They Win Today

Former Newcastle great Peter Beardsley played for legendary manager Bobby Robson in the 1990 World Cup when England was eliminated by West Germany in the semi-final, when the Germans won the shoot-out 4-3 after the game ended 1-1 after extra time.

Peter Beardsley – backs Fabio Capello and England – that’s a surprise 😀

Beardsley has come out today and talked about the England side and manager Fabio Capello:

“I do expect England to go through and I do expect them to go close to winning the tournament.”  “At the end of the day, Capello needs time to do his job.”

“I wouldn’t judge him yet because he did so well in qualifying.” “It’s wrong to attack the way he is dealing with the players. He is right to do whatever he needs.” “We appointed him because he is a brilliant manager and he’s not using new tactics.”

“When I was a player, we were only told on the day of the game who was going to play and Premier League teams like Aston Villa, Tottenham and Man City very rarely play the same team two weeks in a row – there’s nothing wrong with changing or keeping things from the media.”

“He’s doing what’s best for the team and I’m not unduly concerned for the team. England and America are the best two teams in the group and they will go through.”

It’s strange that Peter says Aston Villa don’t play the same team in a row, because their manager Martin O’Neill is well known for playing the same starting eleven whenever he can – which is why former Newcastle right-back Habib Beye hardly played at all last season at Villa Park.

From what we can read between the tea leaves, Fabio Capello is as shocked as anyone, with England’s two poor performances so far in the World  Cup, because in training the lads have looked as good as ever.

But it’s not too late, and we are praying the lads can find the strength and good form, to get through today, and we’ll be delighted.

There are two very different scenarios that will play out depending on the England result today.

If we advance England will have new hope, because hopefully the bad performances are behind us, and they will go into the round of the last 16 with renewed confidence.

England will play against Germany, Serbia or Ghana – depending on all the results today.

If the lads don’t win today, then unfortunately they will have once again under-performed on the World stage, and England will soon be looking for a new manager, because we expect Fabio Capello to resign in complete disillusionment with his players.

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