Joey Barton Is Positive And Talks Sense These Days

We are hoping that Joey Barton can stay injury free next season, and with he new found positive approach to football and seemingly life in general , he could be a huge player for Newcatsle United next season.

Joey Barton – will seem like a new player next season for Newcatle

Joey told the Evening Chronicle today:

“We know we’re going to have to work hard at it, but we know as a group of 22 or so players or whatever amount of men in the squad are involved, we all work as a team, stick together and put the egos to one side.’

“We all like to think we’re the best but the reality of it is, we’re probably not.” “We’ve probably had better individuals in the squad in the past, but we’ve never had such great team spirit.”

“There are lads in there who I’d want in the trenches with me – I probably couldn’t label a lot of other players I’ve played with before and say that.”

“I’m not going to name names of course, but I’d go to war with any of the lads in the dressing room here.” “That spirit shone through last season and I was humbled to be part of it.”

“I was able to come in for the last few games and put the icing on the cake because they made the cake while I was out injured.”

“Hats off to them, they have been magnificent at different times and I’m just privileged to be part of this football club and now I just want to get the club stable in the Premier League and then we’ll take it from there.”

And Barton knows all about the City of  Newcastle and it’s famous football club and the very loyal Newcastle fans as the Newcastle United club plays such a huge part of life in Newcastle – when the football team is doing well like last season,  the city center is buzzing.

Joey continued:

“Anybody who comes into the city can see what Newcastle United is all about.” “I could tell that the first time I came here.”

“I knew what the onus was going to be when I come here.” “I don’t walk through Manchester or Liverpool city centers and see women and kids with football tops as much as I do here.”

“There’s only one team in Newcastle and there’s a responsibility that comes with it.” “Sometimes it can overspill when things aren’t going too well, but things are going well and we expect them to in the future.”

Joey Barton has become very very positive this year, since he returned from his latest foot injury, and he no doubt is trying to put his life and career back on track, but he comes across as just loving the Newcastle club and its fans.

He continued:

“Last season when we came down I was one of the ones who thought ‘I’ll have a bit of this’.”  “But now it’s about staying injury free and helping the club consolidate in the Premier League.”

“Birmingham were the benchmark last season in the Premier League and they didn’t even win the league in the Championship. No disrespect to them, but we have to think we can do something similar.”

“It will have to be small steps, and we can’t run before we can walk.”

Things may not be great right now but the state of the Newcastle club is so much better than it was a short twelve months ago and we put that down to a number of things.

The quiet and dignified leadership of Newcastle manager Chris Hughton and the coaching staff, and the senior Newcastle players like Joey, who just seem to love playing for and supporting the manager, and together the players garnered such a terrific team spirit on and off the field last season – it was simply a joy to watch – and much credit must go to all of them.

We are looking for more of that this season, back in the Premier League, and we have a sneaking suspicion we’ll not do too bad at all.

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  • Robby Bobson

    Jul 2, 2010 at 1:22 PM

    Comment #1

    Barton has has the book of right things to say all his career though.

    Theres no doubting his ability, i really think he could have become an england regular if it werent for his trouble and especially his injuries. He showed in the last few games what a player he is, i know it was against poorer defences but he made some top class passes like the one against plymouth for Routledgde.

    A fit Joey Barton is one of the things that needs to happen to be successful next season. Along with Carroll and Guthrie continuing the development they showed last season and the defence staying fit. Also 7-8 goals from kevin nolan wouldnt hurt.


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