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For Magpies’ Sake – Let’s Hope PL Don’t Come To Their Senses

You’ve had a good player  for a couple of years, who is now 20, and you have nurtured him forward in his football development, and then you offer him almost double the wages for a new three year contract, and what happens?

Dan Gosling – has already decided he will be joining Newcastle United

For Everton FC, absolute catastrophe.

So what have Everton done wrong?

Well, now we all know (at least since this story broke), the club is supposed to inform the player in writing of the new contract offer, and those are the rules, and they were not followed by Everton FC with their youngster Dan Gosling, although they told him of the offer verbally.

And it could now  be that Everton and Plymouth Argyle, his former clubs will lose out on £4M, with Plymouth having a sell-on clause in their initial transfer of Gosling.

When Everton signed him on January 14, 2008, they put that sell-on clause in, and if we assume that’s for 25% – then  Plymouth would get 25% of the profit Everton made on the deal.

We have no information on what Everton paid Plymouth for the player but for reasons of simplicity let’s assume it was minimal – in fact zero.

Everton would then get £3M and Plymouth £1M of the total compensation fee, if it’s set at £4M.

That’s because Plymouth were savvy enough to put that sell-on clause in his contract, unlike a certain club who sold James Milner to Aston Villa in August of 2008, and the Villa are now looking to make almost a £16M profit on James, in less than two years, and Newcastle will get nothing – nowt – zilch.

That £16M profit is thanks to the Eastlands club continuing where they left off last summer and paying way over the real value for the players they are bringing in – that’s what you do when you say you will spend £150M this summer, or whatever the figure was on transfer fees.

That £4M for Gosling is still decent money, and £1M is a lot for a small, and very good club,  like Plymouth Argyle. Clubs like Plymouth are the salt of the earth in the English leagues.

In this dispute, at least initially, the Premier League have come down on Dan Gosling’s side, and we expect the Premier League are now hearing the appeal of the Everton club, before Newcastle announce the player is joining  Newcastle on a four year deal, for more than decent wages, we may add.

Dan was getting £8K a year and Everton reportedly offered him £15K a week, but not in writing.

Although there’s nothing certain about the above figures, reports suggest Newcastle have offered Dan £25K a week, and presumably that’s true, and that’s whether or not Newcastle have to now pay compensation to the Merseyside club.

Presumably Newcastle know they may have to pay compensation if Everton win their appeal, but we expect they know that, and have decided a few million for Dan is a good investment – getting him for nothing is even better.

The decision should be made within 24 hours at the most, surely, but the Newcastle announcement may now be delayed until tomorrow, as we keep checking the Newcastle web-site to see if the deal has been officially announced.

But if Newcastle get this player for nothing – what a deal for the Tyneside club!!

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  • Solaidback

    Jul 13, 2010 at 3:19 PM

    Comment #41

    Btw, I think we put a £12m on Milners head to scare off other clubs but it didn’t work & I think Villa did the same to scare off other clubs but with Manc Al Citey swimming in cash, £25m is pocket change to them, so it backfired on Villa 🙂

  • Neun78

    Jul 13, 2010 at 6:20 PM

    Comment #42

    hey folks i wonder if any of you have heard about yannis tafer or have seen him play?


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