Barton Showed Good Discipline On Saturday Among The Wolves

Whether Joey Barton knew it or not on Saturday, he came through the match at Wolves with some decent credit, for at least keeping hos cool, after some vicious tackling from the Wolves’ players, purely meant to incite Joey.

Joey Barton – kept his cool on Saturday

Barton was on the receiving end of some committed challenges during the game, but Newcastle manager Chris Hughton seemed pleased with Joey’s new disciplined approach to his game.

The Magpies manager said after the game:

“I think Joey is aware we want to see more of him on the football pitch.” “He has missed a fair chunk through injury during the last couple of years and I think he is really pleased and grateful to be first and foremost and to be playing.”

“What comes with that is a responsibility to stay on the football pitch.”

“There has never been any doubt about Joey’s ability. It is just making sure he is on the football pitch for as long as we want him.” “His experience and quality and the fact he is in the squad will be crucial.”

Joey did very well on Saturday, although he was always complaining about the rough treatment he was receiving.

The Match of the Day pundits on BBC, including former Newcastle manager and player Alan Shearer, seemed to have a bit of a laugh when they reviewed the many tackles on Joey at Molyneux, since he was on the receiving end of some seemingly suicidal tackling by the Wolves’ players.

Usually, Joey is the one giving out those tackles.

But the tackles were meant to test the character of Joey, who has lost his temper more than once on the football field, but to his credit  he came through the test well on Saturday afternoon, but should probably curtail some of his complaining a little.

As Chris Hughton said after the game – about  the severe Wolves tackling – it’s part and parcel of the English game.

While that’s true, it was still a little dangerous to witness, and players could have been injured from some of the wild tackling we saw  on Saturday afternoon,  right from the very first minute of the game.

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