Sol Campbell Still Wants More England Caps

Sol Campbell is 35 years old and in just over two weeks time will turn 36, but he is still ambitious to achieve things in football at the Newcastle United club.

Sol Campbell – I haven’t come to Newcastle as last hurrah

It may surprise a lot of people that Sol still wants to play again for England, and he’s disappointed he’s been overlooked by England manager Fabio Capello.

But given the performance of the central defenders in South Africa in the summer, some may think he should be recalled to the England side.

Sol talked to the Journal this morning about his England ambitions::

“I haven’t come to Newcastle as a last hurrah,” “And I still believe I have what it takes to play for England.”“I still have the passion, the fire in my belly. I want to win.”

“But you just can’t do anything about it anymore. So I am not going to fight. I am going to fight on the pitch for Newcastle and if it comes to the stage where someone says ‘can you fight for England’ then I’ll fight for England.”

“I am not going to go on about it. It is just not worth it. I think I am just going to concentrate on Newcastle and if anything happens at a later stage it happens at a later stage.”

“Really, I have just got to get my football right for Newcastle and concentrate on moving them up in the right direction and if anything happens in the future it happens in the future.”

Campbell seems determined to first get into the Newcastle side and then to add to the 73 caps he has for England, but he says he will never retire from International football of his own accord.

Sol continued:

“You can’t do anything about it. If people don’t like you, people don’t like you. It’s as simple as that. I think it all comes down to who is at the helm and the people behind the associations.”

“They are going to make all the decisions and also the mentality of the nation. You go to Italy and defenders and goalkeepers can go on and on and on really. You can roll the names off of the guys who have played well into their late 30s at international level, so I think it sometimes goes down to mentality.”

“If you are still fit, still strong and still want it, it doesn’t matter where you are at with your age. If you are fit and you are strong, then you have got the experience so I think there should be no problem really.”

“I played well last season (for Arsenal) and felt I was there or thereabouts in terms of international football, but if people don’t like you it is not going to happen. I never mentioned I was retiring, but then maybe I should have retired and maybe he (that must be Capello) would have brought me out. Who knows?”

Of course he is referring to a number of great Italian defenders like World Cup captain Fabio Cannavaro, who is now 36, and the great Paolo Maldini, who played until he was 40, and Dino Zoff the goalkeeper, who played for Italy and Juventus until he was 41.

Some may say that Sol is a little unrealistic to want to play for England again, but it’s hard not to admire his enthusiasm to still do well for Newcastle, and for England , if he ever gets the chance again.

We are all for Sol playing on for a few more years, if he can maintain his own high standards, and there’s little doubt his experience, and ambition will be very good for the Newcastle club.

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  • carl nufc

    Sep 2, 2010 at 11:23 AM

    Comment #1

    i do hear what Mr Campbell is saying but how many of the current internationals would miss the first month of the season because of a honey bloody moon?


    Sep 2, 2010 at 11:26 AM

    Comment #2

    Better Sol Campbell concentrate to be a rock in the defence for NUFC and regular in the starting 11 and then he’ll see ………………

  • dublin mag steve

    Sep 2, 2010 at 11:54 AM

    Comment #3

    i agree sol if ur good enough your young enough look a david weir for scotland hes 40 yrs old and he commanded a very solid back line for rangers against us, its al about know how and positional sense organising people around you and keeping your concentration for 90 mins because weve had many capable defenders over the years but for whatever reason confidence and concentration have always seemed to be major problem and in some cases it was just pure lack of ability. lets just hope sol can rectify a couple of these issues and finally get rid of that brittle mentality that dogged us last time we were in the top tier onwards and upwards lads.

  • Eire-magpie

    Sep 2, 2010 at 12:26 PM

    Comment #4

    I think Sol should just put all his intentions to keeping the toon up this year..that is of course if he can get into the team ahead willo and colo..I also hope he doesnt stop the development of Kadar and pushes him on along with Tavernier..Sol will be huge benefit to them

  • baro

    Sep 2, 2010 at 8:46 PM

    Comment #5

    Like that Sol Campbell is so confident already, he will feel like home in Newcastle. Which is good to hear.


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