Time To Move On From Blackpool Howler

We watched a repeat of the Newcastle vs Blackpool game on TV yesterday, and that second half has to be one of the most frustrating periods for Newcastle in a long long time.

Chris Hughton – defeat hurts – but time to move on

We counted two good chances missed in the first half and 5 clear chances in the second half,  and the lads just couldn’t put the ball in the net, and towards the end of the game frustration was setting in with some Newcastle players.

While the lads are only human – and it was easy to see why some of the players were losing it a bit near the end – it’s still not professional, and the good teams just keep playing their game – until they score – or the end of the game comes.

The Newcastle play in the second half was good in many aspects – but of course, putting that ball in the back if the net wasn’t one of them, and we have to hope that Chris has them practicing one on one with the goalkeeper in training this week.

Both Kevin Nolan and Joey Barton missed fairly easy chances like that on Saturday.

There’s no need to panic as Newcastle’s overall play was good, and a goal in that second half  would have seen them become a lot more comfortable, and probably would have set them on the road to victory.

But it wasn’t to be and these things happen, and then you have to move on.

Chris Hughton has rightly stressed the need for calm, and he has argued that Newcastle have made a decent start to the season with four points from their first four games back in the Premier League.

This is what Chris said today:

“We’re only four games into the season and we can’t afford to be too down about it. No doubt it hurts because we went into the game very much wanting the three points and I thought that we deserved the three points.”

“But it wasn’t to be and we have to make sure we do the right things now going into the game at Everton.”  “We’re in a different league and it showed. This is a side that came up with us, but it is Premiership football and you will get punished if you don’t take your chances. That is the reality of it.”

“Up until now we have been pleased with lots of aspects of our play and we have to make sure we approach next week’s game in the same manner.”  “At the moment it hurts, as it does after a defeat, but there are certainly aspects of our play which we can be pleased about.”

You have to give Blackpool credit – they came to attack Newcastle and did very well in the first half, and in the second half, with thanks to their goalkeeper, they held on and didn’t crack at all – and for them it was a courageous win, there’s no doubt about that.

On the other side of the coin it was a sickening first loss in 16 months at home for the Newcastle side, and the defeat hurts – but it’s all  over now – to quote the Rolling Stones.

We have to hope Newcastle take a page out of Blackpool’s book, and attack Everton on Saturday and go for all 3 points.

We need them.

Comments welcome.

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  • slazberger

    Sep 14, 2010 at 10:31 AM

    Comment #1

    theres an interesting story in the journal this morning Ed about finances, tried putting the link on last thread but it hasn’t appeared.

  • slazberger

    Sep 14, 2010 at 10:38 AM

    Comment #2

    i would only be concerned if we weren’t creating the chances in the first place. shearer always said when he went through a dry spell he didn’t worry because he was still getting opportunities to score every game. the problem when we got relegated was we couldn’t even create many half chances in a game.

  • leedodd

    Sep 14, 2010 at 10:52 AM

    Comment #3

    Hold On a Min Guys This Is a New Era and a New Newcastle United Side . Chris Wont Let Us Down.
    Lets Not Slip Back into the Old Ways of Panic First Think Later . The Lads Know They Should Have Won So someone is Going to get a Tonking Very Soon. Ackuna Mattatta and all That !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toon XI

    Sep 14, 2010 at 12:23 PM

    Comment #4

    I read in the Daily Mail that we bid £8m for Ackunna Mattata on deadline day but it was rejected.

  • balubas1

    Sep 14, 2010 at 2:44 PM

    Comment #5

    2@ Slazberger

    I totally agree. And also there will be more games to come where we have to “move on”.

    Stop the nagging, and get behind the team folks!


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