Priority Still To Stay In Premier League This Season

Kevin Nolan is a Liverpudlian, and he gets to go back home when Newcastle travel to Everton this coming Saturday.

Kevin Nolan – Newcastle captain not getting carried away – good or bad

Nolan told the Evening Chronicle today:

“I’ll be going back home.” “I was a Liverpool fan as a kid, and I was there from when I was nine years old to 14.”   “Ive got a lot of mates who are Everton fans.” “My grandad’s an Everton and Newcastle fan.”

“He’s here every week now with Newcastle watching me, but he used to be an Everton fan! But it’s still going to be a tough place to go. And we have to be ready for it.”

“They had a good result against Manchester United.” “We’re not getting carried away by the Blackpool result, and we didn’t get carried away by the Aston Villa result.” “We just need to go there and put in the performance we know we can.”

We watched the game against Manchester United at Goodison, and in truth the Red Devils should have won that game easily, and for 90 minutes they were on cruise control.   But one of Everton’s great strengths is they never give up.

And indeed they amazingly scored two goals in injury time, to get an unlikely draw, and that was only the second point for the Toffees this season.  The Goodison club have again got off to a less that good start this season, and we just have to hope that continues on Saturday for the benefit of the Magpies.

Indeed while meeting Blackpool early in the season was probably not good for Newcastle, we may be meeting Everton at a time when the lads could take some points from their trip to Goodison.

Kevin continued and said Newcastle were not getting carried away with either their good results or their poor results:

“We’ve always said we’re in this league to do one thing, and that’s to remain in it.” “We couldn’t all of a sudden think we were going to do this and that, and reach Europe, but as a squad our main priority focus is to stay in the Premier League.”

“When you do that, that gives you enough money to bring in new players and you build and build.” “That’s what you do, you slowly build this club up.” “It can go to amazing heights. It can’t  be done fast – it’s got to be done slowly.”

“We’ve lost our first home game in more than a year, but we’re not going to get carried away with it.” “We’re hurting, but, hopefully, we’ll show in the coming weeks we’ve learnt from it.”

Those are good words from Kevin, and his common sense is one reason we think that once he’s finished playing,  he could become a very successful manager.

But that’s years in the future of course, and the much more important thing right now is for Kevin to play well for Newcastle, and get some points at Everton on Saturday afternoon.

3 points would be very nice indeed, thank you very much.

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