Transfer Matching System (TMS) Introduced By FIFA

From this Friday, all international football transfers will have to got through the new Transfer Matching System (TMS) that has been introduced by FIFA.

Sepp Blatter – FIFA President – historic moment for football

The system runs completely on the Internet and the world football body believes it will prevent money laundering, protect minors and make transfers much more transparent, as all the details of the transfer will be captured, as the deal is finally completed.

Once the transfer season comes to an end, the automatic TMS system will shut down and prevent any more transfer activity. There have  been some cases in the past where transfer activity was supposedly conducted beyond the deadline, and that will no longer be possible.

Mark Goddard is the general manager of TMS and he told reporters today:

“‘It’s no longer a good idea to play a game of chicken in the negotiations for transfers.””Over the last two and half years we have seen examples of big clubs like Real Madrid who last year came out very early in the transfer market and did their business in the first two weeks of the window.”

“‘They avoided leaving it until the last minute as they didn’t want to risk playing a game of chicken with a computer system which would say time has run out.”

“‘For every single transfer it is mandatory for both clubs to declare that there are no third party influences on this transfer.” “‘That means we have an electronic record and if it appears that is not a truthful statement we can go back to the transfer in the system and remind the club or the association what they said on the record.”

There are lots of details that need to be entered for each individual transfer, and more than 30 pieces of information on each transfer have to be entered directly into the system, including details on the player, details of the club, payments made including the amount, timing of the payments, bank details, and the agents involved and any payments to them.

The TMS system will also keep track of individual players’ details, to ensure proper compensation payments for clubs are made, where the clubs have trained young players who are then transferred.

That’s an important detail for the Newcastle club, because they will continue to bring in young players from other clubs around the world.

Of course the system will also allow FIFA to track the transfer market completely, and come up with details related to the market, such as the average transfer amount, the amount paid to agents, the number of transfers, and all kinds of information that could become very interesting.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter commented on the introduction of the new system:

‘This is a historic moment for football. TMS is a relatively simple online system but it will have a tremendous impact on the international transfer of players.”

“Thanks to TMS, football’s authorities have more details available on each and every transfer. The most important thing is that it increases the transparency of individual transactions and helps us to tackle issues such as the fight against money laundering and the protection of minors in transfers.”

This seems to be a good move by FIFA, and not before time, and it’s good to see the world organization begin  to use the convenience and productivity of  the Internet, for football’s important transfer business.

This will significantly help most clubs with their transfer business, including Newcastle United.

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    Off topic but has match v scum 31st Oct been moved to 13.30 kick off from 16.00 (sky) ?

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    If it hasn’t already it will be. Matches v the Scum never get allowed to show any later on Sky.

    The “Powers that be” seem to think it isn’t possible for loonies to get pissed enough to start trouble before 3pm so everyone will be safe!

    Genious eh?!?

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