Andy Carroll – I Have To Settle Down Off The Field

Andy Carroll has today said he is not just working on his game on the field, but has been told to sort out his life off it too, when he’s away from the club.

Andy Carroll – settling down on and off the pitch

Andy is of course expected to get a call-up by Fabio
Capello on Monday for the senior England squad, and he has given a number of interviews in the last day or two, because of that possibility.

Andy talked about life at the Newcastle club:

“I have some good lads around me, helping me a lot,” “Chris and Colin are always telling me what is right and wrong. So obviously I am learning every day.”

“What have I learned? To settle myself down off the field. On the field, to concentrate more and keep working. That is what I have been doing and I think it has shown a little so far.”

“I have settled down, yeah. I have been trying and I think I have matured a bit.” “Everyone is really good to me in the changing room. We are all together, we socialise together.”

“That helps a lot. The lads who have been brought in have fitted straight in too which helps. I just have to keep my head down and keep working.”

It’s not a cast iron certainty that he will get the call-up on Monday, but the fact that Jermaine Defoe and Bobby Zamora are both out injured makes this an excellent opportunity for Fabio Capello to take a good look at Andy in the England squad.

Andy talked about the current Newcastle squad:

“Everyone is good friends,” “Really it is just keeping my feet on the ground and stuff like that. Kev has done a lot of that, he had probably been the biggest help.”

“Last season helped a lot playing week in, week out and the lads I had around me helped too,”  “The manager has done a great job bringing everyone together as a team.”

“It has been good playing in a team that has been so successful. Great.” “It is tougher this season, getting the number nine.” “I have just got to play my football like I did last season.”

Chris Hughton has been a guiding light to Andy since he took over as manager of Newcastle in the summer of last year, and Chris seems to be determined that Andy keep on the straight and narrow with his off-field activities.

Chris said what he’s been telling Andy over the last 15 months or so:

“As with any young player the important thing is to make them realise football is the most important thing in their life.” “It is about communication, working, talking with them and guiding them through any difficult times.”

Great words from Chris and some insight as to why he’s been so successful, at least so far, as the Newcastle United manager.

Of course Andy is up before the Newcastle magistrates on October 25th with his assualt charge, and he may even be an England International at that time.

We don’t know what will happen at his trial but there is a chance that Andy will be found guilty and even sent to jail, but we hope he can put that behind him as soon as possible.

But that has to be the end of that kind of thing for Andy, if he  is to become a top footballer.

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