Keegan – Chris Hughton Has Done Fantastic Job At Newcastle

Former Newcastle manager Kevin Keegan has praised his former coach Chris Hughton, for the work Chris has done since he  became manager of the famous Tyneside club.

Kevin Keegan – while in his second spell as Newcastle manager

Of course Kevin hired Chris Hughton to fill in for the coaching vacancy created when Nigel Pearson unexpectedly decided to leave the club, shortly after Kevin arrived in January of 2008.

And Kevin, while in his role as pundit for ESPN, talked about how well Chris has done at Newcastle:

“When Chris Hughton joined my coaching staff at Newcastle in February 2008, I did not envisage then that he would one day be managing the club.”  “But he has done a fantastic job under difficult circumstances,  and his presence ensures that Newcastle are in safe hands.”

“If the club had been blessed with money in the summer of 2009 and been more ambitious, Chris would be the first to say that he probably wouldn’t have been asked to take charge of the club on a permanent basis, at the start of their Championship campaign.”

“However, he has undoubtedly proved a fantastic appointment and all credit must go to him for leading Newcastle to the title and promotion last season.” “Chris has previous experience as a caretaker-boss at Newcastle and Tottenham so he knows what it takes to be a manager.”

“He is not a young kid who has had the position thrust upon him; he has been in the coaching game for a long time and his success at Newcastle ensures he will be an inspiration for all those who think, ‘I can coach, but I can’t manage.’ You never know what qualities you possess until you are really put to the test.

“Chris has passed the tests put to him so far, and perhaps discovered attributes that even he didn’t know he had.”  “Newcastle fans have certainly warmed to him because he has been there when they needed him, and that is very, very important – they will respect him totally for his commitment and dedication.”

“Football means so much to the people there and Chris will be looked on as a man who has done a magnificent job for them under really, really difficult circumstances. Most fans I speak to are delighted with the job he is doing.”

Those are good and true words from Kevin, and it’s about time Chris got some plaudits for the way he has completely dedicated himself to the Newcastle club,  since he arrived on Tyneside.

Chris is a workaholic who took his opportunity at Newcastle with both hands, when most fans thought  he wouldn’t last more than a month or two, when again appointed as caretaker boss in the summer of 2009.

And it seems that Newcastle fans like his down-to-earth attitude, and Chris never makes excuses – about anything – and it could be that he’s even surprised himself  at just how good he’s turned out as a manager.

But make no mistake about it, Chris Hughton has done a great job for Newcastle United over the last 15 months,  and he continues to surprise fans with the competent way he has turned the club around.

Long may it continue.

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