Kevin Keegan Talks Again About Newcastle United

Former Newcastle manager Kevin Keegan is now a pundit at the American Sports channel ESPN, who now broadcasting the Premier League games, having taken over from the bankrupt Setanta Sports last March.

Chris and Kevin – while Keegan was Newcastle manager
No grey hair for Chris then 😀

And it’s not surprising that Kevin has been talking about today’s game between two of the clubs he managed during his very successful management career.

Kevin yesterday said he thought Chris Hughton, whom he hired at Newcastle in February of 2008, has done a fantastic job for the club, since he arrived, and has done all that has been asked of him since he’s been in sole charge since last summer.

This is what Kevin said today to the Sunday Sun about the famous Newcastle United club:

“A lot of people have doubted Newcastle United. They looked at the situation and the pre-season they had and without making any big signings, a lot of people doubted that they would be able to compete at this level,””But they have done very, very well and I think their chances of staying up are very good.”

“They’ve had a couple of results that have made people take notice and a couple of strange home results, but on the whole they’ve surprised people and I think the supporters must be very pleased with the job Chris has done over the last two years.”

“It’s strange that they have lost those two home games that they would probably be expected to win. But they’ve also had some fantastic wins as well which should give them hope for the season.”

It’s hard to think that Newcastle will be able to match Manchester City today, but we want to see a much more compact display than the lads gave in that second half last Sunday, when they managed to throw all three precious points away to Stoke City, otherwise we could have been 5th top of the league.

Newcastle are the clear underdogs for this game today, and that can only help the Magpies,  because of the reduced expectations so we’re hoping the lads may be able to surprise us a little today, but the defense will need to be in top form if we are to get  anything out of  this game.

Kevin commented on today’s game:

“Obviously, the game looks to be a bit tough for Newcastle,”  “They are coming off a tough result against Stoke last week and Manchester City are coming off a great three points against the champions in Chelsea.”

“But Newcastle do come in without much expectation and are clearly the underdogs which they can turn to their advantage. They can embrace that and are free to play as such.”

“What they’ll need to do is find a way to get an effort like they got at Everton. There is an argument that can be made that away to Goodison Park can be as hard a day as going to the City of Manchester, so they shouldn’t be short on confidence.”

And finally when asked about whether he would be emotional at all, as his two former teams will line up this afternoon, Kevin admitted he will have some emotions, but he wisely sits on the fence on the result,  and says a draw would be a good result for him.

Kevin continued:

“Yes, I must admit it is going to be emotional for me,” “In truth it is a little bit of mixed emotions, I suppose. They’re two great clubs that I’m proud to say I managed.”“Truth be told, it wouldn’t be a bad result for me to see a great match, well played by both sides, that ends in a draw!

“Now, that might not suit Manchester City, but I think Chris Hughton would be very happy with that – a point would be great for them.” “That will be tough for Newcastle to achieve against a very good Manchester City side, though.”

Before the interview it was made clear that Kevin did not want to talk about his dismissal at Newcastle, and both Kevin and the Newcastle club are very keen to put that complete mess behind them. It’s over now and it was more than painful for everybody involved, not least the loyal Newcastle fans.

We think that’s  good that the hatchet is being buried, and we look forward to much better times ahead for Newcastle – maybe we’ll get some of that today – maybe!

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