Manchester City Now Want Carroll – Haven’t Spent Enough Yet

You would think that when Manchester City have spent over £400M on new players in the last couple of years, their team building would be complete – don’t bet on it.

Andy Carroll – now wanted by Eastlands club

News today that Roberto Mancini is drawing up a short list of players he still wants to bring to the Manchester City club, and apparently has identified three British players he wants to buy in January, one of which is Newcastle striker Andy Carroll.

Mancini is looking to persuade Welshman Gareth Bale and Andy Carroll to come and earn big money at the Manchester club, and apparently he even thinks they will be willing to join the Eastlands club for the huge personal terms they will offer the players.

City also want to sign Chelsea full back Ashley Cole, and just think, if they were willing to pay a ridiculous;ly overpriced £27M for former Newcastle player James Milner, heaven only knows how much they will be ready to pay for probably the best left full back in the world right now.

Thankfully, Manchester City will not be able to make a joke out of football for too much longer, as UEFA will be bringing in financial restrictions for European clubs within the next year.

And then football clubs will only be able to spend money they bring into the club in revenues essentially – spoil sports.

The fact that City have a current wage bill of around £135M which is around £8M more than they bring in currently in total revenues seems not to be a problem to them. They announced within the last month that the club lost £121M in their last financial year.

The sooner this Manchester club is brought into line, and under some kind of sensible control, and stopped from making a mockery of the football transfer system , and football in general, the better the game will be because of it.

You talk about buying success – but this is completely ridiculous.

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