New Stability At Newcastle Is Exactly What The Club Needed

Since Chris Hughton came in as manager just before July 1st last year, Newcastle have started to get headlines from where they should be getting them – on the field of play.

Chris Hughton – has brought stability and some success to Newcastle

And when things have gone wrong like in times gone by, for example the bust-up between Steven Taylor andf Andy Carroll last March, Chris has circled the wagons and the players have kept their silence.

We may add that did not go over too well in the gossip press, who even came out and criticized Chris because he kept everything under control and everything under wraps – but in retrospect that was possibly the biggest compliment he could get.

We still don’t know just how good Chris Hughton is as a manager, and we’re already surprised at how well he has done as the 51 year-old seems to have grown into the job, drawing on all his previous 15 years of coaching experience to get the job done on Tyneside.

And when he was appointed to a an uproar of silence from Newcastle fans, we had thought that if he can get us out of the second division that would be just great, and his job would effectively be done, and we could bring in a real manager.

Since then Chris has had Newcastle promoted at their first attempt with a massive 102 points and 30 wins in the Championship,  and he has matched wits with some of the best managers in the PL already this season, in Roberto Mancini and Carlo Ancelotti, with some success. And yes, we were really hammered at Man United in that first game of course.

And even though we have only 7 points from our first 7 games, most fans would admit that’s a poor return given the way the team has  played in those initial games, and we have been a little unlucky so far this season. The team has fought with spirit and courage in every single game, and it’s just great to watch.

Of course losing Ben Arfa for probably the whole season has hardly helped things, but the club seems to have done everything right since last Sunday, in dealing with the unfortunate situation, and are getting some huge compliments from Ben Arfa’s agent Simon Stainrod, with the way they have handled the player, during this critical period.

Exactly where Newcastle will finish up this season is still an open questions, and most fans would be very happy just to stay in the Premier League.

Chris seems to work hand in glove with owner Mike Ashley, and of course Mike made every mistake in the book in his first two years at the helm at Newcastle, but Bobby Robson always thought that  Mike had the right ideas, but that it was the people he brought in – that let him down so badly.

And Bobby let everybody know he thought the main culprit was cockney Dennis Wise, and Bobby lay almost the whole responsibility for the implosion at Newcastle in early September of 2008, down to Dennis Wise, whom he just did not like.

Indeed over the last 15 months or so Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias have done most things right, although there are still some problems, to be sure,  as they try to increase the revenue streams at Newcastle. The naming rights of St. James’ Park is one such problem with most fans.

The club is not in too bad a shape financially, certainly nothing compared with Manchester United – who still owe over £750M, and Liverpool who owe about £260M. Newcastle are still the 23rd richest club on the planet, and that’s with revenues from the second division of English football,  so we will no doubt rise in those charts these next few seasons- if we can stay in the Premier League.

Newcastle’s revenue in the last couple of years in the Premier League was close to £100M, but was less than half of that (£38M)when the club plunged into the second division, so financially it’s not a surprise the club is trying to now increase its revenues.

Manchester United have revenues that are close to £300M, and we’re sure the financial plan at Newcastle is to somehow to get to say £150M (at least) over the next 5 years. Liverpool have the same problem, that their revenues have lagged behind other massive clubs, since Yanks Hicks and Gillett mortgaged themselves to the hilt to buy The Reds.

Chris has come out and said he will not be entering the transfer market in January, but the squad has been improved immensely this year with nine decent players being brought in for a total outlay of around  £9M, and most fans would agree Newcastle have struck some great deals this year.

All the club needs to do now is to continue on the track they have laid out, with youth the key ingredient,  and we have to hope that Chris continues to be a surprise in that he can get Newcastle into the top half of the Premier League.

If the Londoner can do that by a year next May, he will have done very well indeed, very very well indeed.

But that’s exactly what we think he can do, and then things will certainly be looking up for the Newcastle club and their fans – fingers crossed.

But first things first – since that’s the way Chris thinks and acts – one game at a time – and the only thing that matters right now is that we can get 3 points at St. James’ Park next Saturday afternoon against Wigan – that’s a game we should be able to win – with a little luck.

But certainly things right now are a million mikes better than they were when Chris took over the club 15 months ago – that’s a cast iron certainty, and great credit to him for the job he’s done so far for Newcastle.

Let us know how you think the club is positioned right now?

Comments always welcome.

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  • CT

    Oct 10, 2010 at 4:02 PM

    Comment #1

    Realistically, much better than I dared hope. CH n CC have been allowed to do their jobs, DL keeps Quiet until something is worth saying. MA has in my opinion paid for initial mistakes and now is bringing his business nous to the front! As a bizman myself I know the importance of a 5 year corporate plan, FIFA rule changes everything. Turnover/Costs= Profit!!! Due diligence aside, without MA we`d be stuffed! Much rather have current board running the show astutely than Manure/ Chelsea/ L`pool/ Shitty etc.who have a decidedly uncertain future compared to us! Keep saying but Arsenal is the model to follow, especially with the new financial restraints to be introduced! Highest turnover clubs wont necessarily have the most to spend on players, it`s about gearing, profits/assets v borrowing levels/outgoings and MA got it write at last! Future is definately brighter than when we got relagated on all fronts. HWTL!!!

  • jimiley

    Oct 10, 2010 at 4:20 PM

    Comment #2

    It’s too early to say that Hoots is the man. We have stability but are not far off a relegation place! If we are still near the bottom in another six games, then we are in trouble.

  • Doha Mag

    Oct 10, 2010 at 4:22 PM

    Comment #3

    7 points from 7 games is not a bad return considering we threw away home points against Blackpool and Stoke.

    Our next 3 PL games are very big starting with Wigan, then West Ham and finally Sunderland.

    Not too concerned about the Arsenal cup game although a win for our second team is always nice to see…..

    The current management at Newcastle are doing a fine job despite spending very little money. However, CH (MA) may need to spend more money in January if we continue having problems scoring goals.

    This will be my final posting as Doha Mag as I’m off to Blighty tonight, will spend 6 days in Geordieland before heading to Kazakhstan on Sunday…..

    I’ll be at the home game against Wigan on Saturday and looking for all 3 points and a few goals for young Carroll (although as long as we win, I don’t really care who scores)

    Howay the lads…………

  • JP...from The Rock

    Oct 10, 2010 at 5:49 PM

    Comment #4

    I honestly think Chris Hughton’s the right man for the job in the long term. He’s done a fantastic job so far and still has only just begun his management career. Imagine how good he will be when he has five years experience under his belt. To me he is the best manager we’ve had since the great Sir Bobby Robson. Not a high profile name but gets the job done superbly. All the players like him and he always says the right things to the media. His substituions have improved also and he isn’t shy of changing things around if need be. His tactics are also improving as beating Chelsea in the cup showed. Another plus point is Hughton does have a good eye to signing players and fully knows what is needed at the club and where on the pitch. I really think we can’t do better than Chris Hughton and can just do so much worse.

    Chris Hughton is the man for this club no doubt.
    P.S just look at the determination on the guys face as seen on the photo above lol

  • GeordieGerman

    Oct 10, 2010 at 6:15 PM

    Comment #5

    “But first things first – since that’s the way Chris thinks and acts – one game at a time – and the only thing that matters right now is that we can get 3 points at St. James’ Park next Saturday afternoon against Wigan – that’s a game we should be able to win ”

    Please please and pretty please Ed, stop writing this sort of assessment. You did it with Blackpool and with Stoke and guess what? You where wrong.

  • chuck

    Oct 10, 2010 at 8:32 PM

    Comment #6

    Have to agree in regard to Hughton, in retrospect the club had been in turmoil ever since Sir Bobby was fired.
    With a number of both prominent and not so well known managers hired and fired, with each chopping and changing the side.
    The result was chaos with everyone wanting away from the club.
    Since our (caretaker) jumped up coach was appointed, the result has been better than anyone could have possibly expected.
    A man with a low profile who has installed belief and to-getherness in a team that had neither.
    A manager who brought BA & Tiote and has been able to live within the budgetary limitations imposed by Ashley, who else could have accomplished so much in such a short period ?
    As for the rest, there are improvements that could be made, not happy with Llambias, just what does he do other than Ashleys bidding, sorry ! we need a football guy in the role.
    There`s also coaches, that could be brought in
    ( an important role) and not jobs for the boys.
    Of course team changes are inevitable if we are to become successful, Kranjcar would be a good addition and if our scouting system can find further diamonds in the raw like Tiote, wont be long before we move up the table some.
    Soh! all in all the club has moved in a positive direction, all we have to do is ensure EPL membership and continue to improve the side and who knows could be challenging for silverware in the not too distant future.
    And OH !, I have no idea why Ashley has`nt given Hughton a decent contract, what more has he to prove ?

  • bill

    Oct 10, 2010 at 9:06 PM

    Comment #7

    I hate coming on this blog because I’m always negative about what is going on at Newcastle.

    I hate Mike Ashley with a passion and wish he would sell up and let someone with the club at heart take over. Unfortunately, that seems further away than ever before, especially when you look at Liverpool’s situation; how the mighty have fallen.

    The season has worked out points wise much as I though; the places where the points have been gained has been unexpected. I thought that we were robbed at City by some very poor refereeing decisions; had we won that game then we would have been ahead of my expectations.

    Unfortunately we didn’t so we are more or less where I thought we would be. Statistically, we are on course to get about 43 points. Whether this is enough to stay up is anyone’s guess.

    The injury to Ben Arfa is a blow and I hope that it isn’t a sign of the bad luck that hounded us during our relegation season.

    We must beat Wigan at the weekend. If we don’t I can see a long hard season before us, if it wasn’t that already.

  • chuck

    Oct 11, 2010 at 2:36 AM

    Comment #8

    As a newly promoted team, we are really no different from either WBA or Blackpool in the fact survival is the name of the game.
    Yes we probably have a bit more quality than those guys but it`s a tough division where there are no gimee games.
    And dont forget there`s little in the way of dough from our owner ( though I`m pleased to see the signing`s of BA and Tiote) to further strengthen the team during the winter window.
    It will be a fight to avoid relegation but one that i hope we can win and it would`nt hurt to bring in a player like Krajncar, now that we are earning the big bucks from EPL membership.
    Look some moves can be funded by selling off certain players who are not of the quality required in this division.
    It`s time to start building a competitive side which will require both the selling and replacing of certain players, it`s an ongoing task that just does`nt stop.
    But there are no guarantees out there, so it will be a gamble still !

  • jesus was a geordie

    Oct 11, 2010 at 1:03 PM

    Comment #9

    Regardless of where we finish this season Hughton deserves huge amounts of credit!

    His movements in the transfer window have been imense as well – Williamson £1m (steal), Tiote £3.5 (looks world class so far), Routledge £1 (in my opinion his presence was one of the main reasons we won the championship), Gosling free (cheeky piece of business for a player with bags of potential).

    Chris, i doth my hat!


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