Hughton – Carroll Has Tough Competition To Make England Side

It seems that Newcastle manager Chris Hughton is fine that Andy Carroll is not yet playing for England.

Andy Carroll – Newcastle is his priority

Of course we found out with Michael Owen,  that whenever he went to play for England, he more often than not came back injured,  and it was obvious that Michael’s priority, whatever he said to the contrary, was to play for England.

Whenever he was injured, Michael always talked about when he could play for England again – Newcastle hardly ever got a mention,  although the club of course was paying his huge wages.

That does not seem the case with Andy Carroll,  who has said often in the last few months, that he only wants to play for Newcastle, and that’s where his concentration will be.

That’s good to hear.

The Newcastle manager said today:

“I certainly didn’t lose any sleep over Andy not featuring for England against Montenegro. “Obviously, people presumed he would be in the England line-up, something which would have been really nice for Andy.”

“It was certainly good for this football club but of course the fact that he didn’t feature meant that he was not at risk of injury, and we don’t have that worry that we have with other players who do go away on international duty.”“In terms of what he has to do to make the step up from being talked about as an England international into actually being one, it’s all about what he does here at Newcastle,”

“He has to be our established number nine of great presence and of course it goes without saying for him to keep up the ability to score goals.” “I think the better his profile is at Newcastle, the more chance he has of making that step up. But he would have to be in very good form to make the next England squad.”

“Irrespective of all the things we say about Andy there’s also a centre-forward down the road (Darren Bent) who is also scoring goals on a very regular basis.” “There is also Peter Crouch who has had a good season so far as well as the likes of Jermain Defoe and Wayne Rooney.”

“There are some quality center-forwards around who are at this moment in front of Andy. Kevin Davies right now is ahead of him. What he has done is to do it over a good period of time.”

“He’s gained a lot of respect with the way he has gone about his business over the years and he’s playing as well as he has ever done for a good Bolton team.” “Davies is a model professional and I was delighted to see him get his debut because he’s earned it, not just in this season but before that.”

Andy’s trial in front of the Newcastle Magistrates ‘s court is a week on Monday, 25th October, and there’s a cloud hanging over Andy if he is found guilty in that case.

He could even face some jail time because of the altercation, but we have to hope that doesn’t happen, and that from now on he keeps his private life under control and out of the news, and becomes a model professional footballer.

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