Shearer Hasn’t Spoken To Ashley Since He Left Newcastle

Alan Shearer has come out today and said he loved every minute of  football management, while he was at the Newcastle club last year.

Alan Shearer – loved every minute of management

But he also says he couldn’t go back to his home-town club, as long as Mike Ashley is the owner, and admitted the two had not even spoken since he left the club 16 months ago, when his short-term contract with assistant Iain Dowie ran out.

This is what Alan said today:

“I loved every single minute at Newcastle despite what it brought at the end. It was a great experience, dealing with problems every day, with the adrenalin rush again.”

“I’d never see myself going back there with the current people (owner Mike Ashley)  there. I’ve not spoken to the guy since. Newcastle was very frustrating. I had a long-term plan. That’s what it needed and still needs.”

“My concern would be that they become a yo-yo club. I think there will be three worse teams in the Premier League.”

“If the right job comes along I’ll do it but there are a million people looking for the right one. I wouldn’t be too arrogant to say I wouldn’t go down to a lower league.’’

The reports at the time, after we were relegated at Aston Villa on the last day of the season last year,  was that Alan wanted the manager job,  but also wanted Ashley to give him £20M in transfer fees.

We have no idea if that was true, but if it was we wouldn’t have been surprised at all if Mike was put off from having Alan as manager.

To put things in perspective, a club loses lots of TV revenue money when not in the Premier League, and indeed Newcastle’s revenue went from close to £100M in our last PL season to £37M last season, when we were in the second division.

So to come up with £20M, if the reports were indeed true, shows that Alan had no idea about the financial side of running a club.

He should learn more about that if he ever comes back into management, but he would be well advised to learn his trade first, probably at a lower league side.

Management is a completely different set of skills than just playing the game, which is why managers like Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho are top managers today, while never ever being top players.

We can still see Alan returning to Newcastle sometime as manager, but not for a good few years yet.

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