Joey Barton Talks About Massive Team Spirit At Newcastle

Joey Barton had another fine game for Newcastle United on Saturday afternoon, and thinks the Tyneside team are at their very best when confronted with adversity.

Joey Barton – massive team spirit on Tyneside

Well that’s good because Newcastle keep getting in the news for all the wrong reasons, although we must say that things have improved immensely under manager Chris Hughton over the last year or so.

Newcastle were in the news last week because of Andy’s new altercation last Sunday, this time with a former girlfriend,  and then he had his new car torched in Kevin Nolan’s drive on Tuesday evening, for more bad news for the club.

Colin Calderwood left the club last Monday to manage Hibs up north, and there was a report in the Daily Mail last Monday morning that Chris Hughton would have been sacked,  if Newcastle had lost their last home game against Wigan.

But Joey Barton thinks the players and manager can deal with all the pressure and media scrutiny that will always go on at the Newcastle club, and he said today:

“This is a football team which sort of thrives when our backs are against the wall,” “There has been a lot of water under the bridge this week, more than any other.”

Joey turned to the game on Saturday, and after Newcastle  had looked hopeless in that first 15 minutes, as they just couldn’t get going at all, the lads went onto play very well and get a well deserved victory.

That was Newcastle’s second away win of the season, and that equals the total number of away wins in our relegation season two years ago, so that’s not too bad at all after just 9 league games and 7 points from 5 away games so far.

Joey continued:

“We had a little bit of a ropey 15 or 20 minutes at the start, but we got back into the game and showed an enormous amount of character and team spirit to win at a very tough place to come.”

It’s been a bit of a tough week for manager Chris Hughton too, but most weeks must be tough when you manage Newcastle United let’s face it, but it appears that Joey was not even aware of the sack rumors surrounding Chris last week, as the Liverpudlian continued:

“I’m aware of what has gone on this week, but I’m not aware of anything about the manager,” “In my opinion, it’s ridiculous if there has been any speculation about his future. It’s the industry we are in, unfortunately.”

“The job Chris has done in taking the club from the point of oblivion to where we are now shows how farcical the speculation can be at times.” “There was never any pressure felt inside the camp. We were all pulling in the same direction.”

“We have a massive team spirit, the likes of which I’ve never experienced at a football club before and that shows on the pitch.” “We have gone 1-0 down away from home and I think the statistics show, 80 per cent of the time that happens you either lose or draw.”

“We gave Wigan a two-goal start last week and clawed it back and we’ve given West Ham a goal and beaten them.” “It is frustrating we keep giving goals away, but it just strengthens the spirit when we come back.”

“We have that togetherness and that camaraderie.” “Everything that has gone on this week, that little bit of pressure that was created, it didn’t matter.”

Saturday was another game when the lads, though their tremendous guts and spirit,  got another 3 points, and that goes well with the point Newcastle rescued against Wigan, after the lads were 2-0 down with just 20 minutes remaining in that last home game.

It’s the points we pick up through our fantastic team spirit that will ensure the club remains in the Premier League this season, we feel sure about that.

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