Chris Hughton Knows The Big Picture At Newcastle Club

It’s very clear that the Premier League and staying in it, is the one and only priority for Newcastle United this season.

We all want to ensure that come next May, we’ll have a happy enough summer, looking forward to another season in England’s top level and looking forward to Newcastle doing more of their thrifty deals to bring in some top players on Tyneside.

We’re not sure we could stand another relegation and all the upheaval that goes with it.

Certainly Newcastle did well in the summer to bring in the five players they did for around £6M, so we all know the Carling Cup tonight is very much a second priority.

This is what manager Chris Hughton said today:

“I’ve never thought about winning a trophy here,” “From the period of time that I’ve been here, and been here as a manager, it’s very much one of what the goals are and what the priorities are.”“The goal and the priority this season is to keep a Premier League season alive, learn from the lessons and, most importantly, be in this division come the end of the season.”

“With the cup competitions, the closer you get, the more you start thinking about the possibility of going further, but the Premier League status is such a big part of what we want this season.”

“The cup games are a very welcome distraction. And, as I say, when you get the results you start thinking about it – but the league is everything.”  “I don’t think I would understand supporters preferring to win the Carling Cup than stay up. What this club has to do is develop.”

“We know where this club was, with regards to the status of the team, a good few years ago. But the most important thing for the supporters is that they want to see a team that, at some stage, is competing at the better end of the Premier League.”

One of Chris’ strengths is that he’s obviously sat down with the likes of Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias,  and has completely bought into how the club will move forward – its business plan if you like – concentrating on youth development and looking for bargains in the transfer market, and over the last 16 months it has all worked out quite well.

So Chris thankfully looks at both sides of the coin, and is not one of these managers who just demands big money to spend on players and if he doesn’t get it he leaves  – why do Martin O’Neill and Rafa Benitez suddenly come to mind?

Managers understanding the financial side of things and therefore what’s available to them in funds, will become even more important starting next season,  when UEFA President Michel Platini’s new fair play rules come into operation, and European clubs will be unable to spend unlimited amounts of money on players.

They will be restricted depending on the annual revenues brought in at the club.

Chris explained where the Newcastle club are right now:

“We’ve got a period to go through first where we allow the club to develop as a business. If it’s a straight question, would I prefer to win the Carling Cup this season or stay in the Premier League, then it’s absolutely to stay in the Premier League.”

“There are always financial implications for me from the football point of view, which is where the bulk of my thoughts are. It’s very much that this club needs, to be in the Premier League. It’s a massive club with a great past and support and it needs to be up there.”

“I understand that and at some stage you’re hoping that this club can develop enough and can be in a position to challenge for honors.” “We’ve put ourselves in a position this season where we’re in the last 16 and nothing would give me greater pleasure than to get through to the next stage.”

“But we’re also a team that’s just come back from the Championship and if we’re able to make progress until the later stages, it would be a wonderful bonus for us all.”

Those are good words from Chris, and one reason this man has been able to massively stabilize the club during his short reign as manager.

We’d love to win tonight,  don’t get us wrong, but we want to win this coming Sunday against Sunderland – more than anything else – and get 3 more points towards a happy summer next year. 😀

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  • Ericles

    Oct 27, 2010 at 11:39 AM

    Comment #1

    Another apology for Ashley from CH. Nobody has even suggested that there is a choice between staying in the Premiership or trying to progress in the Carling Cup. NUFC developing as a business, which it obviously must, is nothing to do with CH either. That is not his remit. I really do think that this either/or mentality expressed these days is defeatest and self-deprecating. I sincerely hope this attitude does not spill onto the pitch tonight. We need to WIN BOTH games and put out our stall to achieve that. We can WIN tonight AND against the Mackems. We have a chance tonight to show that our team is going places and are not content to just concentrate on staying in the Premier. Our squad is good enough to keep us up, get us a healthy league position, and go on in the Carling cup. Is CH going to duck and dive when the FA cup comes along next year as well?
    As Wor Bobby said – “I don’t look at the tables until after Christmas” and I am sure tonight he would be shouting like mad for our best team to get out and play Arsenal off the pitch. I am sure Bobby would have picked a team to try and do just that. Losing tonight will mean 3 home defeats on the trot – and that will not be good enough.

  • JP...from The Rock

    Oct 27, 2010 at 11:57 AM

    Comment #2

    Chris Hughton always speaks sense in a calming and reassuring way. Although this does sound like CH is playing mind games with Wenger. Either way I have complete faith in Hughtons judgment.

  • wynsleap

    Oct 27, 2010 at 2:06 PM

    Comment #3

    If European clubs are prevented from spending “unlimited amounts of money on players” and have to abide by the incoming revenues, how come Manu are making loud noises about buying a whole new team of Superstars next year in order to satisfy Shrek’s demands?
    Considering they are spending around 80 million pound in interest annually on their debts alone, have they a magic formula or are they regarded as a “special case”?
    Even with a 700 -800 million pound debt they seem to have no problem in increasing players salaries to ludicrous amounts following Rooney, Evra and now, apparently, O’Shea too, in having huge new offers given to them.


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