Gossip Press Seem To Be Gunning For Newcastle Again

Newcastle captain Kevin Nolan has come out today and said he and the Newcastle squad are fully behind Chris Hughton at Newcastle,  and thinks all the talk about Chris being sacked is just ridiculous.

Chris Hughton – under fire – but his record is decent

Since the initial Daily Mail report about 11 days ago, Chris has come under renewed pressure following the 4-0 defeat to Arsenal in the Carling Cup, but it’s ridiculous to think that his job may be in jeopardy.

Indeed the club issued a statement following the Arsenal defeat on Wednesday night, and said it was the club’s intention to renegotiate Hughton’s contract at the end of the year.

We took that as an opportunity for Kevin Nolan and the players to get right behind Chris and whoever the new assistant manager will be, and get a few wins on the board so that Newcastle are in a decent place in the Premier League by the end of the year.

And we still believe that’s what will most likely happen, but of course stability and decent results for Newcastle don’t sell too many newspapers, so the gossip press have said Chris is on trial until the end of the year – how does he put up with this nonsense?

Nolan feels the club is going in the right direction, but it’s also true that the Sunderland results are always massive, and we would look to the lads putting in that extra good performance on Sunday afternoon to record our second home win of the season.

Nolan told Sky Sports News today:

“No matter what happens on Sunday we are going to still be 110 per cent behind Chris Hughton,” “For the statements, for anything else we don’t care what anyone else says outside.”

“As a group of players, as a squad, as a staff and I believe as fans too we believe we are going in the right direction and the main focal point and the main leader in that is Chris Hughton.”“I think the talk is absolutely ridiculous on him having to win a game to stay in his job, it is absolutely ridiculous.”

“No matter what we want to see Chris Hughton in charge of us and we believe we are going in the right way with him in charge of us.”

We are fully behind Chris Hughton and what he has done for the Tyneside club so far, and it may be that the gossip press are trying to stir things up (again) at Newcastle,  because the club looks so stable these days – and that hardly sells their newspapers does it?

Far better that the club return to the old days, when they used to replace their managers at will,  and have headlines all the time for all the wrong reasons.

As we’ve said before, the lads have to go all out on Sunday afternoon and get the right result – a win for both manager Chris Hughton and for the ever faithful Newcastle fans.

Then the gossip press may be forced to write something positive about the Newcastle club – and wouldn’t that be a change.

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  • Captain Beefheart

    Oct 29, 2010 at 4:36 PM

    Comment #1

    It’s nowt to do with the gossip press, Ed, and everything to do with Ashley; and perhaps with Chris too. The day we won the Fizzy tin pot trophy, Hoots should have walked in and said, “OK, Michael, I’ve done my bit to help you get some value back into your bizarre investment, now it’s time you help me. I want a two year rolling deal for £750k pa, renewable & renegotiable at the end of each season – or I walk.”

    More to the point, he should have meant it. He could have walked into any job at that point,

    His mild mannered approach does nobody any good in the end as it once again leading to instability, which is exactly what the club doesn’t need. It’s NOT the fault of the press, they are just doing what all low life do – feeding from the bottom of the pond.

  • sparetheman

    Oct 29, 2010 at 6:16 PM

    Comment #2

    Disagree completely with the fella above me. It’s everything to do with the press and even if Hughton was knocking on Ashley’s door all summer I doubt anyone would have answered. I know I wouldn’t if I was in Ashley’s boots and I’m a huge Hughton supporter.

    I don’t blame Ashley for waiting until now to open up contract talks… how many managers have we paid off to get rid when they’ve still got 2 or 3 years on their contract left in the past decade? I’ll save you counting – a lot. Dare I say Ashley is learning from the Keegan & Allardyce sagas by not rushing in with a new deal.

    Now we have every pundit under the sun telling us Hughton is being treated badly. Read a bit of Robbie Savages article claiming Hughton has been put on trial – literally no one at or around the club has put him on trial. The only thing that has changed from two weeks ago to now is that the media have decided to talk about it and it’s a farce to be honest.

  • chuck

    Oct 29, 2010 at 6:36 PM

    Comment #3

    Surely following Hughtons more than expected year of success with a mediocre side, our “great leader” could`nt be so dumb as to dump him in favor of a “name manager” ?
    Of course the media have to provide gossip and raise question`s, but this is surely nonsense, that someone as astute as Ashley would even contemplate such a move.
    However I wonder what he is waiting for, whats going to change between now and the winter window, unless he comes to his senses and realizes the side still needs strengthening to ensure PL survival.
    That`s a fact for whoever is in charge, so stop the controversy and give the man the contract he deserves.

  • GeordieGerman

    Oct 29, 2010 at 6:41 PM

    Comment #4

    Joey Barton’s being good as gold, No Managerial walk outs, No managers ranting and raving at the press, we haven’t been in the relegation zone, No real fan disturbances (anti Ashley protests) Couple of small blips by a not really world famous striker. Yep the poor buggers at the gutter press must be really peed off with Newcastle. Just wonder what they will think of next.

    Just a thought. If and a big IF Hughton’s job was on the line and he did get the sack. Reading between the lines of Nolan’s statement. Do you think we would have a player boycott?

  • chuck

    Oct 29, 2010 at 6:52 PM

    Comment #5

    As for Beefheart`s rant about CH`s meek mannered approach, you serious or was that tongue in cheek ?
    Perhaps you should consult the players about that,
    just pure conjecture.
    Would`nt advise that approach when asking your boss for a raise.

  • Glenn

    Oct 29, 2010 at 6:59 PM

    Comment #6

    Well all this sh*t started when Ashley made his ill-judged decision to ban the Daily Mail from SJP after they reported Lord Triesman being a silly old fool talking rubbish about the world cup to try and impress a pretty young girl and get into her knickers. And since then? Not one single club in the country joined in with his boycott. They’ve had it in for him ever since.

  • punk skunk...

    Oct 30, 2010 at 12:01 AM

    Comment #7

    The Rags are scum, f**k ’em!..

    Anyone who falls for their shoite has an agenda, f**k ’em…
    …Boycott the press!..

  • Sav

    Oct 30, 2010 at 1:44 AM

    Comment #8

    Glenn and Sparetheman – spot on posts. But the club statement was pretty pathetic if it was intended to calm the waters.
    That PR lass from Newcastle Airport is not improving the dire media handling of Llambias and Ashley one bit.
    I also heard Mark bloody Lawrenson getting his knife in tonight on the radio, adding credence to the rumours and also that there was huge extra layer to the story about Carroll and his HotWheels which he couldn’t divulge. – Just smear us with innuendo instead! Thanks ….Not!

    The other factor is that some of the (London) press are now blaming ‘fickle and delusional Newcastle fans who won’t be satisfied without a ‘big name’ manager’. I’ve heard far more on here who are right being Hoots and the job he is doing.

    Nevertheless, although we don’t have figures, the Telegraph asserts Steve Clarke has turned us down because he was not offered enough. Is this the way the club endorses the job Hoots is doing/

  • Solaidback

    Oct 30, 2010 at 8:34 AM

    Comment #9

    Guys, the only reason these crap-loids stories are getting any credence is because we’re letting them, CH will not be sacked for one reason & one reason only, Ashley won’t be able to bring in a new named manager for less than £2m a year on a 3 year contract & we all know he’ll not want to pay that out, so he’ll keep CH at the helm unless we’re in the bottom 3 come Xmas, than he may bring in JFK to replace him but I doubt it very much… as we’ll be in mid table at Xmas, winning games home & away & still have the stability we have now, so what if we’ve not won our last 2 league games at home, so what if we’re out of the League Cup, we done 3 things already this season under CH that we’ve not done before, that is, we beat the Toffees away, first time in 7 years, we beat Chelski away, first time in 24 games, we stuffed the Villains at home 6-0, never been done before & this is the first season that I can remember where our away form is better than our home for m in 20 years… all under CH, no one else!!

    So to say CH is due for the chop is complete & utter bo!!ocks & should someone with knowlegde of the law read this article, maybe they can think of someway to get an injunction against the Daily Fail for misinformation or something like that as now the club have come out & said that he not, then if they carry on printing this rubbish, they’re constantly lying to the general public & misinforming them of the truth!!!

  • Solaidback

    Oct 30, 2010 at 8:40 AM

    Comment #10

    Oh yeah btw Beefy, you seriously need to wind yer neck in fella with regards your hatred of CH because you’re becoming a boring a$$ with your ‘lets get rid of him, its his fault, he’s not good enough, lets get a proper manager is blah blah blah rubbish…’.

    How can a very, very good championship manager get to become a good PPL manager if he’s not given the chance, thats why there are so many over paid foreign managers in the PL & thats why there England managers job is current filled by a useless foreign manager too because some of us fans dont want new English managers running their clubs, they want to waste £3-4m a season on some foreigner who’s not interested in England, just interested in how to make their CV look better for when a top Italian or Spanish job comes up!!!!

  • Stardust

    Oct 30, 2010 at 6:11 PM

    Comment #11

    The Club is being ran well, Chris is managing just great – its just poor and sometimes malicious journalism.

    I’d much prefer the Newcastle Blogs to run a campaign against the worst journalists who drag our name and club into the more out of badness – and or pathetic laziness – i.e regurgitating others stories instead of researching them.

    Maybe we should start “Craphack.com” and name every terrible journalist who writes this bile – and have a three strikes and youre out never to be believed ever again.


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