Bruce Shows His Geordie Class – Chris Hughton Humbled

It’s good to see both Newcastle and Sunderland managers showing a bit of class before the derby game tomorrow.

Chris Hughton – got support and backing from Bruce

But we were particularly impressed with the words of support and backing for Newcastle manager Chris Hughton from Geordie Steve Bruce yesterday.

Bruce was adamant yesterday that the criticism of Chris Hughton was unjust and unwanted,  after the terrific job the man has done on Tyneside in the last 16 months.

And we read a ludicrous article out today in the Daily Star,  saying the Chris is OK for Newcastle if the club is happy with mediocrity, and while Chris is a good Championship manager – he is not a good Premier League manager.

Of course they had to say Chris was a good Championship manager after last season, in his very first season as manager, and what’s to say he cannot surprise us all this season too?  The answer to that question is nothing – nothing at all.

What do these people know about all of this stuff, that gives them the right to try to get a manager fired? A lot of the reporting about Chris over the last couple of weeks has been way past the limits, and unfair and unjust,  to say the least.

And it seems that Chris Hughton, who we know is a good man (and that’s being turned against him), is very appreciative of the support form the  Sunderland manager, who has injected a bit of class into the ludicrous stories going around about Chris Hughton’s job at Newcastle.

This is what Chris said today:

“I was humbled by what Steve had to say,” “I’ve got the utmost respect for Steve. He is one, as he did as a player, who has worked his way up and he has had a very good career in management.”

“What he does is get teams that play for him and he has teams that have a work ethic. If you look at the team he has got at the moment, he has built it and guided it and you can see Steve’s characteristics in that side.”

“I think most people are aware it has been an interesting week to say the least and the fact we are playing against Sunderland on Sunday got him talking.” “I know him, but not that well. It was something he wanted to speak up about and I’m grateful and thankful.”

The Newcastle club statement in support of Hughton was released at the right time on Wednesday night, shortly following the Arsenal game, but that has now been completely misconstrued by the press to say Chris is on trial until the end of the year.

Is this all complete nonsense or is this all complete nonsense just to sell newspapers – take your pick.

Chris is powerless to do anything about his press coverage, and he knows it, and just carries on getting the job done for the Newcastle club:

“I can’t affect it. When you go into a press conference on the back of a win or a defeat, if that is what the content of the interview is, these are things you can’t affect. That is why your efforts have to be in another direction, which is to concentrate on the job you have to do as manager.”

“We are going into a big game and that takes over. Around everything that has been said, I can only do one thing and that is get on with the job and try to do the best job I can.” “Some weeks are more difficult than others, but the end product is the same from my point of view.”

“I can only work around the issues that concern me and the biggest concern is getting the best results I can.”

We are hoping that all this nonsense about Chris Hughton’s job on Tyneside will inspire the Newcastle players tomorrow, not only to give one of their better performances this season, but to also get the only result we are looking for – a win against the local rivals.

Newcastle need a good win at home in any case,  and it’s an extra opportunity to do that against Sunderland, especially when that will allow the club to leap-frog Sunderland in the league table too.

It will not be an easy game, but when did Chris ever say any game would be easy?

Hughton continued:

“I know what it means to this club and the supporters and I’m really looking forward to it, but the project is over a season and that’s the most important thing.”

“We will go into the game absolutely looking to win it, but if that doesn’t happen we have to try and get a result in our very next game. That is all we can do as we look to achieve our objective.”

“They are unbeaten in seven and have only lost one game in the league this season so they are one of the form teams in the division.” “They are a very strong outfit, but we are at home and we want to make the most of the advantage.”

Sunderland may be a strong side,  but Newcastle are a much better side than our results have shown so far this season, and a win will do the club a world of good, and especially a certain Christopher William Gerard Hughton.

Howay The Lads!!

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  • leedodd

    Oct 30, 2010 at 11:32 AM

    Comment #1

    When We win On Sunday Chris Will Be Hailed as a God !!!!! New 2 Year contract On Monday 10am at Benwell By helicopter Delivered By The fat Controller !!!!

  • Sav

    Oct 30, 2010 at 11:36 AM

    Comment #2

    The televised match will be a great opportunity for the genuine fans to show their support of Hoots (in between a few anti-mackem ditties). This furore is more about betting companies, and rags than anything else, in my view. But I’m sad to hear both Bob Moncur and Lawrenson stsing this past week that Hoots was only a late equaliser away from being shown the door after we played Wigan.
    I find that hard to believe but they both said it. I was unimpressed by Houghton’s taking over, which was clearly with economy in mind, nothing else. But since he was given the role there is no doubt he has grown into it and brought back a lot of dignity and pride in the way he has handled himself and in the spirit his team has shown – clearly a reflection, in part, of the manager himself.
    Howay the Lads! Howay the Hoots!


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