Can Newcastle Get Some Consistency Into Their Game?

Chris Hughton has talked at length today about how the week has gone since the great 5-1 thumping of Sunderland, and Chris also offers his thought on the season, and how Newcastle have done so far.

Chris Hughton – feel good factor this week

This is what Chris told the Newcastle Journal this morning:

“It has been a good week. Certainly the first couple of days there has been a fantastic feel-good factor which you’d expect after a victory that we’ve had.”

“But you’re very quickly onto the next one which sounds a little bit cliched, but that’s how it is. We’re all very conscious that if we go to Arsenal and don’t perform everyone will say we’re still on a high from the last game.”

“But if we do go down there and perform then you’re managing to keep hold of that confidence we’ve built up over the past couple of weeks.”  “We’ve got to make sure that we’ve come down from where we were last week and focus on the next game, because we have to.”

“West Brom got a good result there and West Ham were only a few minutes from getting a result there, but the Emirates is still a very tough place to go as we know that an Arsenal side that’s in full flow is a very difficult prospect.”

“But what we have to do is go there with a belief that we can get something from the game and go there with confidence – because otherwise, you’re almost beaten before you get there.”  “Being an ex-Tottenham player doesn’t make it special for me to face Arsenal as a coach.”

“What would make it special is getting a result there because we know where we are this season. We know how tough this campaign will be, we know every point we get is valuable – and the same goes for a win too.”

The big negative with Newcastle this season has been their inconsistency, their up and down form, and that’s probably because we are still a team trying to get used to the much higher standards of the Premier League.

Good sides produce consistently good performances week in and week out, and are not impacted by their great performances, or even by their poor performances for that matter – they keep playing consistently well and keep putting the points on the board.

And that’s hardly true of Newcastle this season – at least not so far.  We smashed Aston Villa 6-0 at home in our very first game,  and then lost 2-0 to Blackpool in the following home game.

We beat Everton 1-0 for one of our best away wins for some time, and then in the Carling Cup the second team had a tremendous 4-3 win at Stamford Bridge – and then we lost 2-1 to Stoke at home after dominating the first half,  and even going 1-0 up through a Kevin Nolan penalty.

So what will happen on Sunday we have no idea, but we’re in some danger of having two good wins away at West Ham and at home to Sunderland and then at Arsenal we ??????  – who knows?

The players will know that if they keep up  their inconsistent form this season, they will probably not do well on Sunday, but Chris  will be drumming into his players that the last two consecutive league wins mean absolutely nothing now,  and the only thing that counts  is how they perform at Arsenal.

With Chris Hughton’s game plans away from home being spot on this season, we even have a little bit of confidence that we could do quite well at Arsenal – especially since we should have some payback for the Gunners, after they beat our second eleven 4-0 just 10 days ago.

We’ll know soon enough.

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  • shamadz72

    Nov 6, 2010 at 10:28 AM

    Comment #1

    I hope CH will continue to use 4-4-2 strategy with the big Andy & Shola team up upfront.

    We are Newcastle United and as Kevin Keegan has said before, it doesn’t matter how many goal the opponent scored against us, as long as we scored more then them. That what makes our game entertaining and different from most of the team in PL

  • BeeGuy

    Nov 6, 2010 at 11:20 AM

    Comment #2

    Gotta laugh at the thought of CH “hammering” an idea to a player(s). CH is a “steady as she goes” type who respects his squad on a man to man basis. Those who feel he has to “kick butt” or rant and rave to get results are sadly misinformed. He certainly is emphatic in moving the troops around on the pitch, but he has to counter his opposing managers moves, and that must be done loud and clear. But he does not berate his squad in front of the paying customers.


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