Danny Simpson Ambition – An England Squad Place

Danny Simpson has just returned from his ankle injury which kept him out of the side for a full five months.

Danny Simpson – played well last season

And it seems the news that he was being actively considered for a place in the England squad to play France last week was indeed valid, and we must say he’s played very well since returning to the Newcastle side, and hopefully he will get a lot better as he gets more first team games under his belt.

This is what Danny told Sky Sports today:

“I was not too disappointed to miss out on the England squad but it was nice to be mentioned,” “It was a confidence boost to hear my name mentioned with the England team and it was a bit of a shock.”

“I’ve only just come back from injury and I’m going to get better with the more games that I play.” “Glen Johnson is the No.1 right-back for England and rightly so, but after him, I feel there might be room for me to get in.”

“If I keep playing well then maybe I could get into the squad the next time England play a friendly.” “That is definitely my aim anyway. You have to have belief and confidence in yourself.”

Simpson signed for Newcastle for just £500K from Man United in January, and the 23 year-old Salford-born player has established himself in the first team.   Danny’s progress ha been similar to that of Mike Williamson, who cost just  £1M from Portsmouth.

Two seemingly great buys for the Newcastle club last January for a cumulative cost of £1.5M – just amazing.

Like any long-term injury, it was a test of Danny’s patience, but since he’s returned he’s had a string of 6 league games at right back in place of James Perch, and has looked very good, and has improved on last season when he played 41 times for Newcastle.

Danny talked about his bad ankle injury:

“I was supposed to be out for six months, but I came back in five,” “The physios here at the club have to take a lot of credit for that. They devised a program which I stuck to and it worked out tremendously.”

“When you’re injured, you’re doing double sessions to get fit. You’re in the gym, swimming or doing your exercises.” “I was doing four or five hours a day to get back but it’s all paying off now and I’m feeling the benefit of all that hard work.”

It’s good that Danny is trying for an England squad place, because the lad is sensible and mature enough to know he will need to keep improving for Newcastle, to play for England.

But if he keeps his head down and listens closely to what manager Chris Hughton tells him, he could well join Andy Carroll in the England squad. Chris of course was a right back at Tottenham and played for Ireland too, so he knows what it takes to be a top class right back.

Certainly if Danny keeps improving like he has since he first arrived at Newcastle about 15 months ago, he’ll have a very good chance of making his ambition come true.

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  • G

    Nov 23, 2010 at 6:49 PM

    Comment #1

    DS took a lot of stick on the blog last season, a lot of people seem to think he isn’t up to it. Personaly, I don’t feel he’s of international standard, but he is looking better and better every time he plays for us. I hope he does make it into the England squad, but I can’t see Glen Johnson cacking himself over his place any time soon?

  • CT

    Nov 23, 2010 at 7:01 PM

    Comment #2

    Danny`s decent but to talk about him right now being one of the top 3 English RB`s in the country tells you more about the state of English football at the mo!!

  • jimiley

    Nov 23, 2010 at 7:18 PM

    Comment #3

    Laughable really, but it just goes to show how crap the England team is. Shearer, Linneker and Wright. Now we have Bothroyd and Carroll. Sad indictment of the English game with all these foreigners in it.

  • Geordiedoonsooth

    Nov 23, 2010 at 7:30 PM

    Comment #4

    England have gone backwards a lot since 1990 & 1996 then we had the likes of Butcher, Gascoigne, Hoddle, Lineker, Beardsley, Shearer, Sheringham etc. Now we have Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, Gerrard, Lampard & Rooney no comparison really I really think that not one of today’s players would get in to the 1990 or 1996 sides, and I haven’t even mentioned the 1966 & 1970 England teams.

  • connor1009

    Nov 23, 2010 at 9:57 PM

    Comment #5

    the one, and only, ambition he should have right now is to remain in the premier league this season. he needs to stop concentrating on trying to get into the england team, and start concentrating on consistently producing the right mentality and performance every game that’s gonna get us 3 points.

  • Howay The Lads

    Nov 23, 2010 at 10:08 PM

    Comment #6

    connor, but surely concentrating on getting into the England team would include playing consistently well…

    oh, and shagging your best mate’s missus 😉

  • connor1009

    Nov 23, 2010 at 10:51 PM

    Comment #7

    yea but i reckon he’ll just concentrate on his own performance and not that of the others around him, he’ll try and outperform the rest of the team, which i can only see going horribly wrong

  • Howay The Lads

    Nov 23, 2010 at 11:08 PM

    Comment #8

    Good point.

  • Brutooon

    Nov 24, 2010 at 12:13 AM

    Comment #9

    Jagielka is crap at RB

    His only competition would be M.Richard

  • Ruvio

    Nov 24, 2010 at 12:45 AM

    Comment #10

    Hughton was a LB though

  • Rotonda heights

    Nov 24, 2010 at 8:49 AM

    Comment #11

    Hate to say it, bit I think Onuaha is the one to watch. Anyone see his goal against chelsea ?
    Couldn’t quite imagine Simpson doing that. Think we missed a trick there.

  • Shot Bru

    Nov 24, 2010 at 10:37 AM

    Comment #12

    Rotonda i don’t think Onuoha was prepared to consider joining us as long as Barton plays for us.


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