Routledge Relishing Chance To Play Against Ashley Cole

It seems that Wayne Routledge is again threatening to disappear from the action in the Premier League this season, in what could be his last chance to prove he is indeed a Premier League class player.

Wayne Routledge – relishing the chance against Ashley Cole

When Wayne was younger he looked a potentially great player, but for whatever the reason he is again faltering, after starting his Newcastle career in great fashion earlier this year.

However, he has a great coach in Chris Hughotn working with him, and iof any body can do it, then Hughton can bring the best out of Wayne on a consistent basis – well we hope he can in any case.

If Wayne gets the start tomorrow he could be uip against Ashley Cole, who is one of the best left backs playing the game right now.

This is what Wayne said this morning:

“If Cole is not the best then he is definitely one of the best left-backs in the world.” “He goes forward, he can defend well, he rarely gives the ball away.”“He recovers unbelievably well with his great positional sense if you get past him.”

“Everyone wants to play in the Premier League against the best players there are and, hopefully tomorrow, I will get to do that.”   “He is a bit older than me, I probably came up against him for Crystal Palace against Arsenal then.”

“It was a long, long time ago. It is going to be tough for anyone who plays against him.”   “He attacks very well in an attacking side where both full-backs bomb straight on to provide extra width to the team. He gets up and down the flank unbelievably well.”

“In my position I am used to going forward and then tracking back. It will be a very testing game.”  “There are no easy games in the Premier League, but that is especially the case against Chelsea with the squad they have.”

For the first time for a long time, it seems the lesser teams in the Premier League have gained on the top teams this season, and the top three have lost games you would never have expected them to lose, and the wins by the lesser teams were on merit too.

It was quite amazing to see Sunderland literally outplay Chelsea a few weeks back, and the Chelsea defense looked almost as bad in that game, as Newcastle’s did last week at Bolton.

The fact that the lesser teams can win at the top four this season,  has to be good for the English Premier League which seemed in danger of becoming a four club league, just like north of the border has been a two club league for many moons.

It was only when a certain Alex Ferguson was managing Aberdeen in the eight years from 1978, did another Scottish club really challenge Celtic and Rangers for dominance.

Routledge talked about some of the surprising results in the Premier League this season:

“I would not say they are daft results, it shows how open the league is. Any team can beat any other one on a given day, that is the way it is going, it is open this year. We have just been promoted and we are going to have ups and downs, it is how you bounce back from the downs that counts most.”

“After Saturday’s result everyone is looking forward to it.” “They want it to come round as soon as possible, and there is no better team to play against than the Champions in front of a full house and an amazing atmosphere. I cannot wait.”

“They are hurting, it is not that many times where they lose games on the bounce, so you have to be wary of them.” “We have nothing to fear, you have to go into every game thinking you can win. There is no point in playing if you do not believe you can win.”

We have no idea whether Wayne will get a start tomorrow but if Chris decides to play in a 4-5-1 formation he could be on the right wing in a midfield of Routledge Guthrie Tiote Nolan and Gutierrez.

Otherwise in a 4-4-2 formation Shola Ameobi would be up front with Andy Carroll, and Guthrie would likely move to the right wing.

We’ll just have to wait and see what Chris has decided to do, but whatever formation Newcastle play,  we’ll still look for a win – somehow.

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