Shearer Talks About Carroll’s Sensational Start To The Season

Alan Shearer has become a big fan of Andy Carroll, and thinks Andy can take over his mantle for both the Newcastle United club and his country.

Alan Shearer – this man has a fantastic record in football

Alan talked about Andy and said they are very similar – well except for the hair:

“Andy has taken up my mantle.” “He’s got more hair than me – although I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing with that ponytail! But he’s had a great start to the season.””I worked with him in the eight weeks I was there and he was a great kid, he really was.”

“He wanted to work and improve and get better.” “If I’m honest, he’s come on quicker than I thought he would have, but he’s had a sensational start and thoroughly deserved his England call-up.”

“He reminds me a hell of a lot of Big Dunc, Duncan Ferguson, and in a good way, not a bad one.” “Defenders hate playing against him because he is horrible to play against. For a kid who is so young, at 21, that is a statement.”

“Give the ball to him in the box and he will score goals. He’s not just a header of the ball.” “What I really loved was what happened on Saturday at Bolton. They’d just gone 3-0 down but he wanted to get in there and score, and with his right foot.”

“We all know he’s got a rocket in his left foot but he slotted it away very nicely with his right and then wanted to get the ball out of the net and could sense another goal.”

It was a great opportunist goal Andy took against Bolton, and showed that is indeed becoming a center-forward who just loves to score goals, much like Alan Shearer before him, and he took his chance superbly at Bolton.

Shearer has been through everything Andy is up against right now, and Alan  was able to take all the pressure throughout his career, and take all the rubbish in the press written about him, especially when he was the captain of England, and still keep scoring goals and scoring goals.

And since we know that Andy’s big hero is no other than Shearer himself,  we have to hope that these wise words from Alan will be taken in by the Gateshead lad, although anybody who’s seen the 21 year-old in training knows he’s a hard worker and only wants to improve his game.

Alan continued:

“Andy can be the talisman of the England team if he continues,” “It’s all right us old past players speaking in glowing terms about him and it’s hard not to because of the season he’s having.””But on the other hand we mustn’t put too much pressure on him. We’ve got to let him develop.”

“He will get better. He’s made mistakes already off the pitch and that happens when you are a kid. As long as he learns from them and curbs that, then the future can be what he wants it to be.”

“Sometimes it’s difficult for these kids. They grow up with nothing, come in as a kid and suddenly you sign a contract and you’re a millionaire. Nobody teaches you how to handle that situation.”

“He’s a single guy who has come into a lot of money and it’s inevitable he’s going to make mistakes.” “What happened to me was that I moved away at 15, down to Southampton, so it was a different scenario.”

“It was different for me. I was earning £25 a week at 16 and £250 at 18, slightly less than him.” “But deep down he’s a great kid and he has every chance of being a really good footballer.”

Andy has had advice about his personal life from all sorts of former players who know hoe important it is to keep on the straight and narrow if you want to become a top class footballer.

Good words were said by England manager Fabio Capello – who seemed to suggest that when you are young like Andy you are usually as daft as a brush – and  we certainly were at Andy’s age.

But Andy will grow out of  it, and youngsters will make mistakes – but they must learn form them – and in Andy’s case – he must learn from them very quickly because he’s in the public eye.

With Kevin Nolan presumably having taken the lad under his wing, we have to hope that we hear no more of the late night escapades Andy has been involved in over the last few years.

No news about Andy will be good news, at least in his life off the pitch.

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  • Shot Bru

    Nov 27, 2010 at 11:43 AM

    Comment #1

    Carroll would score even more goals if we had both players out wide who could cross a ball. The previous thread posteed by Ed focused on Routledge, who for me is never gonna cut it in the prem. I noticed Everton have been offered Beckam on loan this winter, he would be ideal for us over the next couple of months firing accurate crosses onto Carrolls head…i would also see if we could get Landon Donovan on loan too who would be a smart replacement for HBA.

  • Wigaz

    Nov 27, 2010 at 12:10 PM

    Comment #2

    Good shout on becks shot bru! He’s still awesomeat crossing & carroll would be licking his chops at the delivery coming in. Think wages would put an end 2 it before it starts. Mind you the money from shirt sales in just 3 short months would raise a lot of cash. I would like us to try get keane & bentley in jan as both will be available but 2 be fair bentley is a poor mans becks & if we had him loan till hba is fit then job done. I don’t think we could get becks tho.

  • Shot Bru

    Nov 27, 2010 at 12:33 PM

    Comment #3

    Lke you say Wigaz the shirt and ticket sales might balance out the cost of getting Beckham…he might not cost that much if Everton are considering a move..they seem to be a club in the same financial boat as ourselves.


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