Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal Enquire About Andy Carroll

The Sunday Sun is reporting today that Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal have all made enquiries about the 21 year-old Newcastle striker Andy Carroll.

Andy Carroll – in action for England against France recently

Many pundits believe that a £20M bid would be enough to tempt Mike Ashley to part with his brilliant local striker, but Mike himself has said recently there’s no way he wants to let Andy leave Newcastle.

And we have to hope that’s true, because these days we have to make our own £20M players, and the last thing we want to do when the club had done that – is to sell them.

Well – not if we are trying to build a good side on Tyneside, which we have to assume is the goal over the next season or two, as we bring through some of our top youngsters.

This is what Newcastle manager Chris Hughton said today about Andy and the fact some some big clubs are now presumably after him:

“Firstly, any mention of Andy being associated with a ‘big’ club is testament to what he is doing for Newcastle United,” “This club have no thoughts at all of him going anywhere else. We see him very much here for the future,  but what we can’t do is stop any speculation.”

“I’m very, very confident that we won’t be selling him in January. I know we won’t.” “It’s probably a testament to how well he is doing. But I think this is the best place for him to develop.”

“He’s made some mistakes – we’re aware of that – but he’s comfortable here, he’s comfortable with this group of players, and this is the best place for him.” “I see Andy as a really important part of the structure of this football club moving forward.”

“It is a lot to put on his shoulders to say the club would be built around him but he’s got a big role to play.” “That is because of his age, his position, the long-term contract that he’s signed and the position he plays.”

Andy has said some good things in recent days about the fact he’ll stay out of trouble, and England manager Fabio Capello had a long talk with him before the France game a couple of weeks back, and Andy seems to have taken it all in – we hope Andy has taken it all in.

And Andy certainly doesn’t seem to be getting too big for his boots either, as last week at Bolton he was still Newcastle’s best player, after making his debut for England the previous Wednesday, and Andy scored a great opportunist goal – with his right foot – and now has 8 PL goals in just 14 league games.

The 21 year-old – he turns 22 in early January – seems very grounded and concentrating completely on his football career, and how he plays for the famous Newcastle United club – and that’s just great to see.

Chris continued:

“There has been absolutely no change in him,”

“Regardless of any problems he’s had, Andy is a very down to earth. There aren’t too many airs and graces about him. He has ignored everything that has gone on around him and just got on with the job.”

“So no, I haven’t seen any difference in him. That’s probably down to the fact he’s playing very well at the moment with his football.”

Of course the Newcastle manager Chris Hughton has had a lot to do with bringing Andy Carroll on at the club, and he also has other youngsters he’s bringing through on Tyneside.

Those include 19 year-old Nike Ranger, 20 year-old Tamas Kadar and 18 year-old Haris Vuckic – to name but three – and those three lads should take heed of what Andy has done these past 18 months – and listen very closely to what Chris Hughton has to say.

It seems there’s gold in them there words.

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  • Solaidback

    Nov 28, 2010 at 11:20 AM

    Comment #1

    £20m might not get Ashley juices flowing but if something like £30m is offered, will his juices be too much for him to refuse??

    If I was Ashley, I’d stick a £50m price tag on him right now, so that clubs need to cough up just that amount to even talk to the lad, that way, it’ll stop the aforementioned clubs from even spreading these stupid rumours & trying to destabilize the lad or the club!!!

    I hope that he’s not sold but if he is, then I think it shouldn’t be this season or next but maybe in a few more seasons, like when he’s 24-25, we could make a bundle from him & buy a few good replacement players to strengthen the whole squad.. 🙂

    Personally I think Carroll is our new centre pin & the rest of the squad should be built around him, then we can then be called a ‘Big’ club again too.. 🙂 I just hope Ashley is thinking that way too….

  • leedodd

    Nov 28, 2010 at 11:38 AM

    Comment #2

    We have to Base the team Around Andy – if we sell Him There will be hell to Pay !!!!!!! Ashley Will Press The Self Distruct Button if He does we all know he is on a sticky wicket at the monent!!!!! Unlike Steven Taylor Who Is Just After Money that Big Andy Is a Geordie and Would Never Play For Anyone Else Apart from Newcastle United and England.

  • cupiddstunt

    Nov 28, 2010 at 6:51 PM

    Comment #3

    Big Andy Is a Geordie and Would Never Play For Anyone Else Apart from Newcastle United and England.
    Leedodd I think you might find this part of your statement far from true,

    over the next couple of seasons or even less we might find bigger boy heading off to pastures new maybe by mutual consent of maybe just so big an offer both the club and AC just cannot refuse.

    Bigger Boy needs to sort out his after football future, and not trying to knock him but by all accounts he is no brain surgeon so sorting his future is done by getting the biggest contracts possible. He has a career of 10 maybe 12 years to make the most of.

    It’s nice to have a one club player but they are very few and far between these days.


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