The Way We Play Has To Represent Newcastle United

Alan Pardew seems to know all about the Newcastle fans, and the history of the club, and that the fans want to see a good open and attacking style of play.

Alan Pardew – we will play attractive football

In his first interviews at the club last week, Alan said his teams played attacking football, and that’s what he intended to do at Newcastle too.

And today he has come out and emphasized that would be the style of play under his management of Newcastle United.

Of course Alan could get Newcastle playing beautiful football, but if he doesn’t get the results he’ll be sacked – and of course he knows all managers are in the results business.

He talked this morning about wanting Newcastle to play attractive football:

“If I didn’t do that I’d be doing the club a disservice. I’m not saying this for PR because that ain’t going to happen here – you need to win games,”

“I need to do my most important work on the training ground but that needs to be reflected the history of the club. The way we play needs to represent Newcastle in the manner that it should be.”

“The crowd wants the Newcastle team to play a brand of football to get them on their feet but that ain’t going to happen all the time. I’d love a few 1-0 wins, there’s nothing would give me more pleasure.”

“If we can play a game where we retain possession enough to hurt the opposition rather than not hurting them or keeping turning the ball over, then somewhere in there is my style.”

“I’ve adapted my playing style a little bit,” “Sometimes you can get wrapped up with being aesthetic rather than effective. It’s important to retain the ball in the Premier League but it’s also important to pressure defenses.

“It’s about getting the balance right.”

It’s important in the situation Newcastle are in today, still somewhat unstable, that Alan continues to get good results.

He’s already said that Newcastle need to be more consistent and we all know that’s true.

Liverpool are a good side and Birmingham are not – so if we can get two wins on the trot against those two sides, that would show some level of  improved consistency.

Newcastle have a great chance of winning at Birmingham tomorrow, as City were just hopeless last weekend against one of the poorer side sin the League Wolves.

But Wolves managed to get a rare win at home to Birmingham, and Mick McCarthy for once was actually happy after the game – imagine that. 😀

A win is what we’d all like to see at Birmingham tomorrow, and while it will not be easy – it’s very possible.

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  • Hugo_Viana

    Dec 17, 2010 at 10:11 AM

    Comment #1

    Temuri Ketsbaia

  • dublin mag steve

    Dec 17, 2010 at 10:11 AM

    Comment #2

    im all for giving every manager a chance but since hes taken over its been like an election campaign pards is saying just about every single thing he knows we want to hear lets just hope he can follow through on his talk and hes not just full of hot air.

  • getthefattwatout

    Dec 17, 2010 at 10:48 AM

    Comment #3

    yeah i agree but at least we are hearing things coming out of the club, they could have put a gagging order on the bloke you know what the big knobs are like.
    anyway we are going to win 2-0 tomorrow birmingham are already on the back foot 🙂



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