Newcastle Senior Players Held Crisis Meeting Last Week

When Chris Hughton was fired,  a lot of us were more than a little concerned in case Bedlam again reigned supreme at the club, and that it could affect our staying in the Premier League as it did two years ago when Kevin Keegan left the club.

Kevin Nolan – huge positive influence at Newcastle United club

And Danny Simpson is saying today in the Sunday Sun that senior players Kevin Nolan the captain, Joey Barton, Steve Harper and Alan Smith assembled the squad in a crisis meeting at the Benton Training headquarters.

The four most senior players on Tyneside told the squad in no uncertain terms, there would be no excuses for a repeat of the 2008 collapse that followed Kevin Keegan’s resignation.

We are delighted to hear that’s what happened, and of course what we keep hearing is the players have too much influence – and that’s just pure tripe.

The players have influence and that has to be taken in the positive sense – because that’s why the team spirit is so sky high on Tyneside – and doesn’t seem to have been diminished in the least since Chris left and Alan Pardew arrived.

But our concern is that’s what Mike Ashley and Derek LLambias still think – and if it’s coming from them – it shows again how clueless the two of them really are about football matters.

We have lost total confidence in Mike Ashley, after what he did in firing Chris Hughotn, but we will continue to support the players and the manager 100% – and try to forget that Ashley even exists.

This is what Danny Simpson revealed today:

“I think it’s a good thing to have players like that who are willing to stand up and show a bit of pride in the shirt,” “What happened after Chris was sacked showed that. We sat round as a group and some of the senior players like Kevin, Joey, Alan and Steve Harper said that we have to get on with things. We can’t let this ruin our season.”

“That was the message that they gave out. It could have been very easy to go out and not perform and blame it on other people and use it as an excuse for why we had lost.” “But this group of players don’t use excuses – simple as that. They got up and reminded the younger players of that and I think you saw that in our response.”

“If anything I would say adversity pulls us together as a group,” Simpson said. When things happen and people try to knock us down we tend to go out there and really perform. If we’ve had a bad result, we usually come back and win the next game or prove a point with a good performance.”

“I’m really happy that we won the Liverpool game because it answered a lot of the things people had been saying about us.” “If we were really rebelling against the new gaffer would we have gone out and played like that?”

This shows great maturity from those four players and the squad in general, and of course the fantastic 3-1 win against Liverpool was there for all to see – that the lads really were still together.

We’re delighted to hear this news today – because it means the terrific team spirit at Newcastle will indeed survive the senseless sacking of Chris Hughton.   Now we need to wallop Man City next Sunday afternoon – and if ever a side deserved to be walloped it’s those many pampered spoiled brats that play for the Eastlands club. 😀

It’s not all of their players of course- but you know who we mean – and the breaking news is that most of the Man City players will be wearing snoods for next Sunday, because it’s just so cold in the North East.

The inside news we have recently received suggests Carlos Tevez will be wearing his overcoat.

Howay The Lads!!

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  • Geordiedoonsooth

    Dec 19, 2010 at 12:30 PM

    Comment #1

    Hope we hammer them

  • jimmy

    Dec 19, 2010 at 12:33 PM

    Comment #2

    why are people still going on about CH sacking. weve had some good results under him this season but also some dreadful ones. the 2 teams that came up with us have beat us. performances against stoke wigan blackburn fulham were awful. ashley would of looked at the bigger picture weve had results against bigger teams and its not gonna happen all the time and when we play the small teams were not really getting anything. hughton was a crap tactician home to villa defence was far too deep, chelsea at home we go 1 nil up chelsea there for the taking and we sit back inviting pressure. west brom away was disagraceful a team that came up with us to destroy us was embarrasing. so i reckon ashleys motive was sack him now give new manager a bit of time with team and see what players he needs in jan. also hughton never got lots of money to spend but he never spent it wisely and well. perch 1.5m best 2m routledge 1m(done well last season but not prem player) sol campbell free but prob big wages been at fault for a couple of our goals recently. so theres about 5 million pound that hes wasted on championship players not good enough especially when stephen hunt was available in summer for a couple of million there was a few other players we could of got. why buy perch didnt need him ryan taylor is not great but he is a lot better than perch. why did he not get a left back what if enrique tore his hamstring tomorrow what would we do. weve only had 1 left back for years. so my theory is ashley didnt want to back hughton cause track record of buying wasnt good and results against smaller teams not good enough and he couldnt afford to get relegated again. REMEMBER he punted 20-30million of his own money to keep us going last season hell not want to do that again. tiote signing was great but i dont really know if that was hughtons find as he said he noticed him a few year ago but if i remember rightly hughton was a coach not a scout. pardew maybe isnt the name everyone wanted but the good thing is ashley seems to be willing to back him.

  • jesus was a geordie

    Dec 19, 2010 at 12:46 PM

    Comment #3


    completely one sided and unnecessarily negative!

    Yeah, we’ve had some shocking results, name me one club in the Premiership who hasn’t this season! No-one has had consistency. We played a high-line against Villa and they didn’t score, what is your point? Surely the point of the defence is to stop another team scoring, they did that – I’d suggest that the tactics worked!

    As for suggesting that Hughton’s signings have all been awful, Routledge was hugely influential in getting us up in the manner that he did, he cost 1m, we made 50x that, so even if he only serves a purpose for a season, it was a sound investment.

    Perch and Best, I agree, were poor signings. I don’t rate Ryan Taylor at all, never have done. Danny Simson permanently, Wiliamson, Tiote, Ben Arfa – all for less than 5.5m! I don’t believe the club when, JUST WHEN, they sack hughton they ‘leak’ the fact that he didn’t sign any of the good players, only the bad ones…Balls, they lie constantly!

  • JP...from The Rock

    Dec 19, 2010 at 1:52 PM

    Comment #4

    Jesus was a geordie – You’re spot on. Jimmey I can’t agree with you I am afraid. Since Keegan’s first stint as manager we have never been consistent!! Not even under the great Sir Bobby Robson. We have always performed reasonably well against the top 4 than against easier opposition. The promising thing under Hughton was the fact he got the team playing for each other and not as individuals. Gave belief to players with no confidence and reaped the rewards with brilliant performances from them. He knew our team inside out and knew when and where to make a change. had all the players on his side and knew how to handle the media as every other manger seems to struggle with them. Was an honest bloke and only worked his socks off for the good of the club. He had an eye for a bargain and grabbed a few gems in the way ie. Williamson, Titoe, Ben Arfa.

    Hughton will always be welcome in my book. I wish him every success in the future. I just hope it aint with a premiership team because it will come back to haunt us.

  • Irish Toon

    Dec 19, 2010 at 2:05 PM

    Comment #5

    jimmy are u serious?? open ur eyes mate! tiote is a quality palyer, ben arfa was a coup and williamson is worth well more than we payed. ur villa comment is insane 6-0 home win and u moan about the defence??? im gettin behind pardew but il be keeping a close eye on the gent that is chrissy hughton. i hate ashley but in fairness where would we b without him? it’s a scary thought!

  • jimmy

    Dec 19, 2010 at 3:48 PM

    Comment #6

    routledge is a championship player so not good long term signing perch useless. i never said tiote wasnt good hes been our best player by a mile i just said i dont think hughton identified him. tactics were poor it ended up being a great win but in first 10 mins or so we sat far too deep same against west brom how can you justify a performance like that. sitting too deep, after twenty mins west brom had about 70 odd per cent of the ball not good enough. hes mince all he had to do was get the players that wanted to stay together and he did that fair play but with the squad we had we were always pretty certain of staying up.JP…from The Rock he didnt know when and where t make changes. blackpool at home getting beat and he waits till 75th min to bring on a top class player on persists with shola when ranger is a lot better. exactly i dont like ashley either but he saved our club everyone talking about protests and the rest what was the point no one is going to buy the toon for 150m+ at the mo just need to get behind the team

  • Jose Enrique

    Dec 19, 2010 at 5:06 PM

    Comment #7


    someones got issues

  • Davies

    Dec 19, 2010 at 6:00 PM

    Comment #8

    Jesus, you can’t start a post with “one sided and unnecessarily negative” and then end it with “Balls, they lie constantly” without looking a little foolish. Jimmy makes some very good points.

    For all the slagging he gets on this blog, and any other, nobody really knows why Ashley does what he does. What I can say, and this is what I genuinely believe, is that the owner acts in what he believes to be the best interests of the club.

    I liked Hoots, and I would have liked to have seen him given a full season in the EPL, but I’d have been among the long queue of people calling for his release if we had slipped into the relegation places by Christmas, citing his lack of experience at this level, and so would you. There were plenty of posters on these forums questioning his experience before we’d even kicked a ball this season.

    The story goes that Hughton was behind very few of our signings whilst he was in charge. Perch and best weren’t good signings, though I would imagine Calderwood had a hand in that too Perch’s purchase (see what I did there!). The scouting network takes most of the credit for the likes of Tiote and Ben Arfa.

    Routelidge, for me, is another Ameobi. Inconsistent in the Prem and good in the Championship. I’ll give credit where it’s due for signing him, as he really did do a sterling job for us in the Championship, but I don’t really know where the credit goes.

    You can argue until you’re blue in the face that Hughton dug us out of the Championship in style, but, despite everybody now referring to us as a newly promoted side, we spent all of last season with people calling us a Premier League team, and they were right, we were. Any one of a number of coaches could have brought us back up.

    We need to move on, and that won’t happen until people accept that Mike Ashley is our owner. This club is his investment and people don’t become billionaires by deliberately harming their investments. Whether we like it or not, his decisions are the ones that count and no amount of gatherings outside SJP, or angry terrace chants will change that.

    I wonder what everyone will say if we’re sitting in the top seven come the end of the season. Ashley OUT?


    The media will always feed you their opinion of what is going on at our club. It amazes me how people on here will dismiss certain articles as the media stirring malcontent at the club, but will swallow whatever they say about the owner without question.

    Get some perspective gents. We’re on our way to financial stability that few clubs have. We have a good squad of players and hopefully a manager that can keep them motivate them in the same way that Hughton did, but with the experience to trade effectively in the transfer market. Whatever you think, one way or another, the owner is responsible for that.

  • BeeGuy

    Dec 19, 2010 at 7:14 PM

    Comment #9

    I have to smile to myself about the negative comments about MA. While he overpaid he has continued to make investments in the club out of his own pocket. We are talking 10’s of millions, mind. He has made poor choices on management, but has taken steps to correct those, even though there is no guarantee they will be the right ones. He has paid for those mistakes, as well. The club seems to have a plan of internal development and careful purchases. The manager is no longer the be all and end all. It is down to specialists in each category of acquisition, development and strategy on the pitch.

    I think MA is far from clueless and he puts his money on the line. And like all great sports team owners, he stands in the background, keeping out of the public with his opinions.

  • BillBurch

    Dec 20, 2010 at 10:11 AM

    Comment #10

    I’ve posted similar comments to Jimmy’s on this and other blogs and been given the “thumbs down”! I’m tired of this over-adulation of Chris Hughton and that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate everything he did for us but I felt that it was “a bridge too far” for him to take us any further. Jimmy’s right, Hughton did leave it too long to try and change a game and many reports credit the Chief Scout with signing Ben Arfa and Tiote. As I said many times 5 wins out of 16, no wins in our last 5 was just not good enough. Call Ashley all the names you like but it doesn’t make Hughton any better a manager for the Prem! In a previous post I said that I’d be willing to bet that we have one of the lowest and most easily managed debts and we are doing pretty well considering. Some people are over-praising Hughton and over-criticising Pardew without giving the latter a chance!


    Dec 21, 2010 at 6:53 AM

    Comment #11

    I spend a lot of time reading the various blogs and websites on here. Basically there an awful lot of Bullshit written about us. The censorship on 606 is a joke but there appears to be a lot of our immature teenage support who use it! Not all users of course bit like i said, a lot of bull anyway!

    A conclusion that i have drawn as far as regards Fat Ash is that a lot of people are eager to see the back of him without thinking about who or what will take his place! He has a major PR problem and has made some dreadful decisions over the years. The sacking of Hughton shocked most of the support and a lot of the TV pundits etc, but, with two or three more losses i think he would of been sacked anyway!
    Ashley i think made a good decision this time time around. Hughton was a good Championship manager, but some of his tactical substitutions had me scratching my head in the last few games. Compare that to substitutions made in the Liverpool game, and i could,nt help thinking if the Hoots would of made those changes when Pardew did.

    Don,t get me wrong Pardew still has to prove himself in my eyes, but he,s making all the right noises and has bags more experience than Hoots did!
    The unknown factor here is Ashley?
    If, heaven forbid we lose our next four or five games, is Pardew going to be sent packing like Hughton was? Maybe some of our fickle support will start remonstrating and demanding that Ashley leaves and Pardew is sacked!

    Where is our much sought after stability? The plus about Pardew is that he is fighting to keep Carroll and is willing to try to bring on some of our youth, where there is a lot of our tallent, or at least that is what continually is being said!

    If Andy Carroll leaves anyway, against Pardew,s wishes then maybe Pardew will resign and leave too! Then the club will be in crisis, and what will Ashley do then?
    That is a doom scenario of course, but it was the turmoil in the daily workings of the club and a crisis that saw Shay Given walk away from us after a long period as our No 1 keeper and the same thing could happen again if they are not careful!

    The support appears to be split down the middle as far as regards Ashley, despite all of his faults and all of his erratic decisions over the years, the fact is that our financial position in comparison to a lot of the other clubs is not unhealthy, there is debt but it is managable.
    That is thanks to Fat Ash and his cash, and i would prefer him to stay but i think i am in the minority here, as a lot of people hate him and are willing to get rid no matter what. This may or may not damage the club! and also the clubs reputation.

    Which ever way you see it the next six months will be the making or breaking of us!


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