Joey Barton To Get New Deal At Newcastle?

We knew that the 28-year-old Joey Barton has a lot to thank both the Newcastle United club and their loyal supporters for, over the last three years.

Joey Barton – wants to stay on Tyneside

Even after spending time in jail just over two years ago, Joey has managed to come back and play at his top form for Newcastle this season, and he is very thankful to the Newcastle fans, who still seem to love this Liverpool-born midfielder.

After he came out of jail, we would have been only too happy to have seen him shipped out of  the Newcastle club, that’s very true, but to Joey’s credit he has managed to control his demons since then, but of course as we saw a few weeks ago with Morten Pedersen – it’s still a struggle for the lad.

He has proved us wrong – and full credit must go to the player for that.

But Joey is now almost a symbol of this new Newcastle United side – the lads at the club right now are only too happy to be on Tyneside, and indeed they are proud to wear the famous black and white striped shirt of Newcastle United.

And unlike the side of two years ago, Joey and the rest of the lads are willing to scrap it our with anybody these days – and it’s a real never say die attitude that we’ve seen from this team both last season and so far this season.

Joey has 18 months left on his contract and he wants new deal to stay at Newcastle.

This is what Joey said today:

“Being fit and part of a group like this, that’s always going to make you happy. And when your own form’s good and the team’s form’s decent, it’s a great atmosphere.”

“I’ve got a lot of things to make up for at this club and that’s still my goal. Obviously, once you start coming towards the end of a contract, people start making noises and that’s the case. Who that is, I don’t know. I’m enjoying my football here and I’d quite happily stay here for the rest of my career.”

“Everyone in and around the club is aware of that. I’m not banging on people’s doors saying I want a new deal. I’m a strong believer in fate and when the time’s right we’ll sit down with the club and if it’s the right thing to do we’ll get it done.”

“I’ve got quite an affinity with the Newcastle fans because of everything that’s gone on and think that, if I can’t go to one of the big clubs in the world, I’m quite happy to stay here. Outside the teams going for the title, the reason I came here was they were capable, with the fan base, of pushing on.

“The places we’ve gone this season and won, and the way we’ve performed, gives me the belief that with maybe a couple of signings here and there, we have the potential to break into the top six top or eight.”

It seems that Joey has a huge ally in new manager Alan Pardew,  and we’re sure Alan has already talked to the powers that be at Newcastle,  to ensure negotiations on Joey’s new contract will start soon.

Joey’s on a massive £60K/week at Newcastle at the moment, and it’s unlikely that much will be offered to him this time around, but with incentives in his new contract for Newcastle doing well and clauses like that, we have to believe Newcastle can reach a new deal with one of the star players at Newcastle right now.

And it’s obvious that Joey Barton is not just on Tyneside just for the money – he’s become far too much committed to the club for that.

We need Steven Taylor, Joey Barton, Jose Enrique and Hatem Ben Arfa all signed up at Newcastle on long term deals as soon as possible, and then we could go somehow in the next few seasons.

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  • Indian Magpie

    Dec 24, 2010 at 10:57 AM

    Comment #1

    If anyone deserves it he does.

    I wd give him a 3 year deal with an option for 1 more

  • Solaidback

    Dec 24, 2010 at 12:00 PM

    Comment #2

    Not sure about the part if he can’t go to one of the big clubs in the world, he’s quite happy to stay with us!!! That sounds to me like we’re still second choice & if a top 4 club come looking, he’ll leave!!!

    I’d have prefered him to say, this is the club I want to play for but if the owners want me to leave, then I will as long as it’s for a top 4 club….

    But as it stands, he’s our best options for getting ammo to Carroll & thats all that count, the here & now, not what may or may not happen!!

  • Howay The Lads

    Dec 24, 2010 at 12:40 PM

    Comment #3

    Well he’s said he how he thinks it. Very good.

    I’d rather have him say I would leave for Real Madrid, Man U, Chelsea etc and give his true opinions than lie and lead us on.

  • veto

    Dec 24, 2010 at 12:46 PM

    Comment #4

    id be dissapointed if he isnt offered a new deal , and more-so if he doesnt take it for monitary reasons .
    he’s had my support all the way thru his time at the toon , finally it’s paying off and teams are wanting to snatch him up .
    no thanks i think were due it from him .

    slightly off topic ..
    my latest single broke into the top ten dance charts and somebody synced it with some old toon footage from some of our better years

  • lewman

    Dec 24, 2010 at 12:46 PM

    Comment #5

    slb, what those comments prove is his honesty, he blatantly always speaks his mind and he probably means the big clubs in the world like barca, real madrid, maybe man utd and possibly chelsea but man city and liverpool would be out of the question and i couldnt see him wanting to join arsenal so maybe he would join a top 4 club but it would be a top 4 club in world football and not just a top 4 pl club imo.


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