Newcastle Effort And Spirit Can’t Overcome Mistakes

After Newcastle gave away two poor goals in the first four minutes of the game yesterday, how many teams would have played the rest of the match like Newcastle United did yesterday?

Andy Carroll – scored his 11the PL of the season yesterday

The answer is not many – as Newcastle fought for those remaining 86 minutes as if  their lives depended on it.

It was not a good result yesterday, but the performance was so much better than the 3-1 scoreline suggested, and Newcastle  just had no luck at all.

After Andy Carroll had got his 11th goal of the season, and put in another inspired performance in that famous Newcastle number 9 shirt, giving the Man City defense all kinds of problems, the odds were very much on Newcastle being to level the scores at 2-2.

But nothing went right for the home side, and then a second goal on 81 minutes from  Carlos Tevez, that ricocheted off two Newcastle players – Simpson and Coloccini – gave Newcastle goalkeeper Tim Krul no chance.

But Newcastle must cut out the defensive lapses that cost the side two early goals yesterday – it’s been the Achilles heel of the side this season – and just think if the lads had played the way they did last night with the scores still level at 0-0, they would have had a good chance of getting another good result.

It could have been just like the Liverpool game.

But that’s all woulda coulda shoulda – and we look forward to a much tighter performance from the defense from now on this season, and certainly Steven Taylor is making a difference with his experience in the Premier League..

In terms of spirit and guts, we want to see the same again at White Hart Lane tomorrow night, minus the gift goals.

Howay The Lads!!

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  • Gazzzz

    Dec 27, 2010 at 9:03 AM

    Comment #1

    I agree, the team spirit and fight was excellent, and the score does not reflect the game at all! It was good to see our team playing more offensively! Barton, Tiote and Carroll worked their socks off. For me, there were two weak links in the team; Nolan, which just had an off day, and unusually didn’t link up well with Carroll, and then Simpson who looked way out of his depth when his defensive skills were put to the test! Same fight and determination at spurs please…but tighten up at the back!!

  • Spuggy

    Dec 27, 2010 at 9:14 AM

    Comment #2

    Having frozen my Cojones off at the match yesterday I have finally thawed, watched MOTD and have some observations I’d like to share.

    We played well against a top team, enjoyed the lion share of possession, played some good pass and move football, with a healthy mix of effective long/medium ball at times (carroll won almost every header), had far more shots at goal, but out lack of quality in some key positions showed in the end.

    We need a decent winger who can cross, arguably on both wings if AP prefers Joey in the middle of the park as he did yesterday. Gutierrez in particular was aweful – ZERO end product, maybe try him in the middle, always thought worth a good, he’s good with ball at feet, strong at hold players of etc. I still see Joey as crucial on the RW until we find a replacement. A punt for bentley would be my choice, great crosser and good footballer out of favour. Him and then Arfa on the left (his usual position at previous clubs) would solve our problems and supply the much needed ammunition for the premierships best header of the ball.

    Right back is still a bit flakey – be it simpson, perch etc. definitely our weakest side, but routledge on the wing doesn’t help. Don’t get me wrong he played ok yesterday, but he will never be a consistently good performer, and that’s a waist when we have carroll.

    Striker – We NEED a nippy smaller striker who can feast of Carrolls knock-downs. The amount of times he won a header but no one was there pick up the scraps. Again Arfa could be a potential here, but we would need a decent winger to replace him.

    So for me, we need in order of priority…

    1) A pacey tricky CF (in the defo mould)
    2) A good winger who can cross (Bentley gets my vote)
    3) A better option at RB

    That would strengthen the team massively as I see these as the key weak positions.

  • darthkir

    Dec 27, 2010 at 11:53 AM

    Comment #3

    The spirit was largely due to Hughton. It is not limitless. With more and more bad result, it will be back to square one and i cant see pardew doing anything about that.


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