There’s No Way Newcastle Will Overturn Tiote’s Sending Off

Kevin Nolan  has said that Newcastle will appeal the sending off of Cheick Tiote on Saturday against Stevenage.

Cheick Tiote being sent off on Saturday
Tiote’s sending off came at a bad time for Newcastle, and it seemed that everything went wrong against Stevenage – and the proverbial wheels came off the Newcastle wagon.

But the way things were going, we’re not sure if  Tiote had stayed on, it would have made too much difference, but of course you never can tell.

This is what captain Kevin Nolan said today:

“I’m very disappointed with Andre Marriner’s decision,” “I thought he reffed it very well but that was not a sending off in a million years. I saw it on the telly and in real time.”

“Even the center-half after said he didn’t touch him. It would be nice for him to come out and say that in the Press because it might help us get him off.”

“They were all about winning the game and you do anything to win the game, but he stayed down a long time for a center-half.”

Tiote did have both feet off the ground in his sending off challenge, and really the FA need to clarify the sending off offenses for tackles, as Steven Gerrard of Liverpool seemed to be sent off yesterday at Old Trafford for a tackle that looked OK to us.

We’ll not even mention the current offside law, and which players are active or not – because that’s just a complete joke these days.

A player these days can be in an offside position when the ball is played into the penalty box, but the player is said to be not active because he doesn’t go for the ball and therefore is not offside, but then 4 seconds later he can put the ball into the back  of the net and it’s a goal. It’s a silly rule which is open to abuse.

Newcastle will appeal the red card decision on Saturday, which carries a three-match ban with it, but they will not be successful in overturning the decision, and the best they can hope for is to ensure it’s a non frivolous appeal, so that the ban is not extended to 4 games.

Who now deputizes for Tiote against Sunderland is  an open question because the last two times Alan Smith has come in – last Saturday and at West Brom, the central midfield has been over-run.

Maybe Coloccini could be deployed there as the holding midfielder.

He”s played there before, and it’s something my son Neil suggested yesterday, and of course Dan Gosling is fit again,  and may even play against Sunderland.

What do you think?

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